Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 700

Chapter 700:

"So, he must die." It was Bai Chenxi who spoke, and he couldn't help sighing, "The power of the blood source is really strange. Sister, with your ability and means, so please the old man named Long, he I'm still guarding against you. I think Fang Xinxin didn't do anything. Old Man Long looked at her gaze. That is a dear. Even outsiders might guess that Fang Xinxin is his granddaughter."

"Why don't you guess that Fang Xinxin is his mistress and wife?" Bai Jingrou said bitterly, "If there is a mess, then Fang Xinxin will be charged."

"What charges can be charged?" Bai Chenxi narrowed his eyes. "It's impossible to slander people with empty words and white teeth. Unless you can get substantive evidence. What's more, the old man Long has lost his wife for many years and has never thought of renewing his wife. That aspect of the function is gone. What's more, no matter how rich the assets of the Long Family are, it is still in the second place compared to the powerful Bai Family. Fang Xinxin just became Mrs. Bai Shao, and even the newspapers would dare not slander her. news."

"That's right, I'm confused. Chasing the wind and catching the shadow can't hurt Fang Xinxin's fur." Bai Jingrou's eyes flashed fiercely, "Only now, only Long Jingyuan is dead. I am the only heir of the Long Group, Long Everything at home will fall into my hands."

Huang Zhishu stopped, "The matter of hands-on, temporarily slow down. Now that the old man has just given Fang Xinxin shares, if he has an accident at the moment, I am afraid that others will think that you are dissatisfied with his behavior and suspect that you are acting."

"I got it." Bai Jingrou nodded, "I have to make a good plan. Let Old Man Long die without knowing it..."

At this time, Fang Xinxin had left the wedding banquet and came to the lobby of the main villa of the Royal Court, sitting on the sofa.

A servant led Long Jingyuan into the hall, "Chairman Long, please."

"Grandpa Long..." Fang Xinxin saw him, stood up quickly, waved at the servant on the side, "You get back first."

"Yes." The servants in the hall all walked out.

Long Jingyuan glanced at her behavior and immediately understood, "Girl Xinxin, what do you want to tell Grandpa Long alone? First, I will declare that if it is to return the 10% of the shares to me, I will not accept it. "

"No. Shares, I will protect the guests on your behalf." Fang Xinxin helped him sit on the sofa, and personally helped him pour a cup of tea.

Long Jingyuan took a sip of his teacup, "Excellent Biluochun, good tea!"

"Grandpa Long..." Fang Xinxin stopped talking.

He said, "Girl, if you have anything, just say it."

"Then I'll be straightforward." Fang Xinxin said solemnly, "Grandpa Long, you will die soon. The only heir of the Long family, Bai Jingrou, announced that you died of a heart attack."

"How is this possible!" Long Jingyuan's crutch stomped on the ground, "I don't have a heart attack at all."

"In other words, someone killed your life." Fang Xinxin was determined.

"But these are things that haven't happened, Xinxin, how did you know?" Long Jingyuan heard her say that it would happen, a little bit incredulous.

Fang Xinxin walked to the sofa diagonally across from him and sat down, staring at the coffee table. The fruits, teapots, fruit knives, and napkins on the coffee table... all floated in the air.

Long Jingyuan looked at the strange scene in front of him, his wrinkled old face was all surprised, "You..."

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