Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 701

Chapter 701:

Her eyes constricted, and the things floating in the air returned to their original positions, and she whispered, "I have supernatural powers, can take things in the air, etc., something that normal people can't do. And, by accident, I have the ability to predict. Although this kind of situation is rare, if I see a segment of the future in my mind, then it will definitely happen."

In fact, she doesn't have the ability to predict, she just relives her life and knows something that will happen in the previous life.

However, she did not want to tell people that she was born again. So, to put it another way, the effect is the same.

"This is incredible!" Long Jingyuan was very excited.

Fang Xinxin also poured herself a cup of tea, tasting it lightly, "You know the new Sun Consortium in the past two years, right?"

"Of course I know that the branches of the Hot Sun Consortium are almost investing in and making big profits. The decision makers behind the scenes seem to have predictive ability. Unfortunately, even I can't find out who the decision makers behind the scenes are..." Long Jingyuan suddenly realized , "Xinxin girl, you are..."

"Yes, I am the chairman behind the scenes of the Hot Sun Consortium, because Bai Qinghao is covered, no one can find my bottom." Fang Xinxin told him, "Almost two years ago, someone won the 85 million lottery. , The winner is me. I directly bought the 85 million lottery ticket for dozens of dollars based on precise predictive ability. That money was the initial start-up capital for my business. My achievements today, the company I opened I can make money, all because I have the ability to predict occasionally. It has nothing to do with Bai Qinghao."

Long Jingyuan completely believed Fang Xinxin's words this time, "Then when is my death date?"

"It's only two or three months." Fang Xinxin frowned, "I saw the newspaper news published after your death. The specific date of death may not necessarily be the time of publication."

Long Jingyuan's dark eyes became deep, "Girl Xinxin, do you know who has fallen into the hands of the Long Group after my death?"

"Inherited by Bai Jingrou."

"I probably understand." Long Jingyuan suddenly smiled sadly. Now he has become a stumbling block for Bai Jingrou. Only when he is dead, the only granddaughter can inherit the Long Group.

Family affection can't match the huge assets of Longshi Group!

Fang Xinxin walked to him and patted his shoulder, "Grandpa Long, don't be sad. I tell you this because I don't want you to die. The bodyguards of the Long family are also very good. Originally, I wanted to send secretly. People protect you, but it takes time and effort to infiltrate the dragon's house, which may cause your suspicion. With your cleverness, I might as well simply tell the truth. I believe you will stay in the mall for a lifetime. If you are prepared in advance, you have the ability to protect yourself. This In the world, not everyone is for money. At least, if you are so good to me, I am willing to spend all my money to protect you."

Of course, hiring some bodyguards to protect him would not cost that much.

Long Jingyuan shook her hand moved, his old face was pale and sang, "Xinxin, it would be great if you were my granddaughter."

I don't know why, what she said, he could feel the sincerity rising from the bottom of his heart, and he didn't doubt a word.

She could even feel her wish that he would live well without any hypocrisy. Unlike Bai Jingrou, who is obviously her own granddaughter, she always makes him inexplicably uneasy.