Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 703

Chapter 703:

In the last life, she couldn't catch the murderer who caused her horror.

All clues point to Bai Jingrou. Is this just a holiday?

In this world, if Fang Xinxin is incompetent, these tragic experiences will be repeated.

Therefore, she is enduring.

No matter how Bai Jingrou fixed her, she would return it little by little. I don't want to rely on anyone, but rely on my own ability to kill Bai Jingrou!

Long Jingyuan is Bai Jingrou's grandfather after all. Even if he heard that Bai Jingrou was about to kill him, he didn't get rid of the other's thoughts.

No matter what, people are relatives.

Therefore, Fang Xinxin smiled and said inconveniently, "Grandpa Long, I assure you. I dont hurt innocent people. I tell you so much so that you can survive. Please recite my kindness, I Its supernatural, and todays conversation, dont tell anyone."

Her supernatural powers hide her hypnotism against Bai Jingrou.

"Don't worry, Grandpa Long won't say anyone." Long Jingyuan assured.

"Grandpa Long, you have to live well."

"I am not a vegetarian, Long Jingyuan, since I have taken precautions. Naturally no one can harm me again." Long Jingyuan stood up, "Many of the guests who came to the wedding today are my old acquaintances. I will go with them. say hi."

She nodded slightly.

Not long after he left, Bai Qinghao walked into the villa lobby, walked to her side and sat down, "What did you chat with Chairman Long?"

"It's nothing, just let him be careful of Bai Jingrou." She smiled.

"Bai Jingrou is indeed the kind of woman who can harm even her relatives for money." Bai Qinghao commented blankly.

Fang Xinxin glanced at him in surprise, "Do you know her so well?"

"Intuition." Bai Qinghao hugged her horizontally and walked towards the master bedroom on the third floor.

She was put on the bed.

He sat on the edge of the bed, staring down at her beautiful face, and murmured emotionally, "Xinxin, finally, everyone in the world knows that you are my wife!"

At noon the next day, Fang Xinxin woke up, opened her eyes and saw Bai Qinghao sleeping next to her.

His deep and cold eyes were staring at her affectionately, and his affectionate eyes seemed to be unable to see enough, "Awake?"

She glanced at the wall clock on the wall, "It's noon, why did you sleep with me till this time?"

"Well on the second day of the wedding. Sleep in." He embraced her soft body and pressed a deep kiss on her lips. "I can't bear you, I can't bear to get out of bed."

"Haha." She was amused, raised her white hand, and touched his cold face, "I can't bear you either."

"The butler will send someone to bring food into the room in a while. We won't leave the room today."

"Isn't it?" She raised her delicate eyebrows. "Why are you stuffed in the room?"

"What do you mean?"

The two of them really ate in the room. After eating, the two went to a comfortable hot bath and went back to bed.

Fang Xinxin picked up the phone and found that Sun Jiamu had sent a picture on WeChat in the morning. She clicked on it and it turned out to be the marriage license of Sun Jiamu and Fang Shaohua!

Xinxin was so excited that she hugged Bai Qinghao on the side, and gave him a big mouthful.

Bai Qinghao raised his eyebrows, "What's so happy?"