Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 705

Chapter 705:

Invite some senior gamers to the company to experience the upcoming new game "Eating Duck Battlefield".

This game consists of teams of real and virtual characters in a gun battle with each other in a big battlefield. The team that wins is rewarded with a big duck leg, so it is named "Eating Duck Battlefield".

Fang Xinxin took half a month's wedding leave from Shengshi Group, so even if she carried the title of Manager of the Fashion Design Department of Shengshi Group, she could still be busy with her own affairs.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, she came to Sunshine Game Company.

The new game conference was on the sixth floor of the company, and someone at the door was responsible for checking the invitations.

Fang Xinxin just walked out of the elevator on the sixth floor and found another elevator came out with Bai Jingrou wearing a purple tube top dress.

Her curly hair is tied behind her head, some curly hair hangs down, her delicate makeup, plus a long dress for the party, is obviously well-dressed.

The figure of Bai Chen Xiswen also stepped out behind her.

"Why are you here? Isn't it the working time of Shengshi Group now?" Bai Jingrou looked at her suspiciously.

"I'm on marriage leave." Fang Xinxin said four words briefly and moved forward.

Bai Jingrou looked at her with a bright face and was in a bright mood. Looking back at her in the past few days... Especially when she thought that the old and undead Long Jingyuan actually gave Fang Xinxin 10% of the Long's shares, she was really frustrated and frustrated. Almost vomiting blood.

Bai Chenxi looked at Fang Xinxin, who was beautiful and charming, and could hardly move her eyes. Not seen for a few days, she is even more beautiful, and she exudes a charming and charming charm. Moreover, she owns 8 billion shares worth of Longshi Group... Really rich woman!

Two steps forward quickly, blocking Fang Xinxin's pace, "Xinxin, wait a minute, I have something to tell you."

She took a step to the left, "I have nothing to say to you."

He also took a step to the left and continued to stand in front of her, "Just a sentence or two."

Fang Xinxin saw other guests looking here one after another, and didn't want to be embarrassed, so he said directly, "Give you one minute."

"Before, I was sorry for you." Bai Chenxi stared at her beautiful face, and finally said what she had regretted for nearly a year or two, "I regret it, can we start again?"

Fang Xinxin seemed to hear some joke, "Bai Chenxi, you have to figure it out, I am your cousin! Come again? We haven't even started."

"What about the cousin? You grew up, you obviously liked me..."

"That was used to pretend to be deliberately angry with Bai Qinghao."

"But..." Bai Chenxi wanted to say something, she sternly, "Get out of here!"

Seeing the passing guests stopping here, he didn't want him to stop her from spreading, so he asked, "Are you going to the press conference of the Hot Sun Game Company? The review today is very strict. There is no invitation to post, so I cant publish. The gate of the meeting."

The sixth floor is only holding new game conferences, and people who come here usually come here.

"Today, Hot Sun Game Company invites senior game players." Bai Chenxi took out an invitation card from her pocket and gave it to her, "This is my invitation card. Let me give it to you."

"No need."

"But as far as I know, you don't play games..."

"Tell you to get out!" She frowned Xiu, just considering whether to call the security guard over.

"Brother, let's enter the venue and ignore her." Bai Jingrou took her brother's hand. After checking the invitation card in his hand, the two entered the press conference site.

Then, stand a few steps inside the door, waiting to see how she makes a fool of herself.