Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 706

Chapter 706:

Maybe she got the invitation too?

However, Fang Xinxin didn't show anything, and went straight into the door of the conference venue.

Bai Jingrou quit, and asked the staff checking the invitation at the door, "Does she have any invitations?"

"No." Fang Xinxin answered.

"Then why can she come in?" Bai Jingrou asked displeasedly.

The staff member said, "Because she doesn't need invitations." Fang Dong, the company is hers.

Bai Jingrou thought that the staff recognized Fang Xinxin as Mrs. Bai Shao, and made a special case.

The more I think about it, the more popular it gets.

So, secretly contact people came to "find something".

Bai Chenxi was also very depressed, the Bai family was so powerful, with the title of Mrs. Bai Shao, they gave green lights everywhere.

The huge press conference site was decorated with joy, and many hydrogen balloons were still rippling on the ceiling. Chairs are placed against the wall, and there are many rectangular tables covered with white cloth in the middle of the lobby. On the tables are all kinds of exquisite fruit snacks.

Several waiters were holding trays with red wine and cocktails on the trays shuttle among the many guests.

From time to time, guests took a glass of wine from the tray for compensation.

In front of the lobby, there is a square stage 30 cm high and about 20 square meters wide.

As soon as Bai Jingrou entered the field, she was looking for a target.

Sure enough, he saw a middle-aged man in a black suit, and he immediately walked over, "Hello, are you Yi Jinbin, President Yi?"

"It's me." Yi Jinbin looked at her questioningly, "Are you?"

"I'm Bai Jingrou, the project manager of Xingfeng Company. I came to attend the banquet on behalf of the company." She stretched out her hand, "Good meeting."

"As far as I know,'Xingfeng' is a clothing company, and we have never invited anyone from your company." Yi Jinbin did not shake hands with her.

"That's it," Bai Jingrou said with a smile, "Although I did not invite my company, my brother is a senior game player of your company. He has two top game accounts of your company and got two invitations. So, I will follow."

"Hello, Mr. Yi, I am Bai Chenxi, and also the person in charge of Chenxi Enterprise." Bai Chenxi also wanted to shake hands with him.

Yi Jinbin would not believe Bai Jingrou's words. Because these two brothers and sisters do not look like people who can play games and reach the top of their accounts.

However, it is not difficult to buy two invitations from real invited gamers.

It is estimated that these two came with another purpose.

Yi Jinbin said directly, "I think you are coming. There is something else."

Bai Jingrou still has a gentle smile on her face, "Thats right, my brother is here to visit your company. Im here to represent the clothing company Xingfeng. Xingfeng wants to develop in the game industry, but your company It has only been established for a year or two. Lets talk about whether you can buy your company...

Yi Jinbin gave two words with a straight face, "Stop talking." The chairman said that her company is not for sale.

"Mr. Yi, you haven't even listened to me to finish... the price our company offers is very generous."

"Miss Bai, as far as I know, the'Xingfeng' clothing company is not as profitable as my Sun Game. What are you buying?" Yi Jinbin showed a look of contempt.

"Even if you don't accept the acquisition plan, you can talk about cooperation.'Xingfeng' clothing can buy shares in your company..."

As long as the acquisition or shareholding is completed, Bai Jingrou can get the share promised by the boss.