Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 707

Chapter 707:

Of course, it's difficult to accomplish this with the current boom of the Sun Game Company.

"The sun is not short of money, and it is impossible for you to want to buy shares. If there is nothing else, I forgive me for being with you." Yi Jinbin ignored her and went to greet other guests.

"Hey..." Bai Jingrou still wants to say something, but the other party talked with other bosses, and didn't even mean to talk to her anymore.

At this time, a young man at the door excitedly said to the staff, "I am a loyal gaming customer of your company, why don't you let me in?"

"Sorry, it is not allowed to enter the venue without inviting Han." The staff worked on business.

"I don't care, I just want to go in!" The young man forcibly rushed into the venue, but two staff members blocked him, and there was a push.

"I'm sorry, sir. Our company has received tens of thousands of players who expressed their willingness to come and experience the new game online. It is a random invitation sent by the system. If everyone does not invite Han to enter the venue, for other guests , It's not fair. Please Haihan, I'm sorry for 120,000 points." The staff kept explaining.

"You are too much, I am all here, and still blocking!" The Nian was very angry. In fact, he is not a game player at all, Bai Jingrou called him over.

Seeing this, Bai Jingrou hurriedly walked over and asked, "What happened?"

The young man said angrily, "This broken company said that it didn't invite Han, so it wouldn't let me in!"

Suddenly Bai Jingrou said loudly, "Sunny Game Company is so generous and not fair. Is promise the same as farting?"

The hall of the conference hall suddenly became quiet, and the guests who came looked at her puzzled.

Yi Jinbin came over quickly, "Miss Bai, what happened, why do you say that?"

Bai Jingrou pointed to the teenager who was blocked by the door, "Look at this gentleman, everyone, as a loyal player of the Sun Game Company, he kindly came to the banquet but was blocked by the door. No matter what the other party says No one cares to step on love. But what about Fang Xinxin?"

After turning around, he pointed to Fang Xinxin who was holding a red wine glass and tasting wine.

Yi Jinbin asked hurriedly, "What is her business?"

"I asked Fang Xinxin, she also did not invite Han to enter the venue. She said why Han must never enter the venue without an invitation... Your company did not even check it, and directly put Fang Xinxin in. Isn't it because she is white? The reason for Mrs. Shao." Bai Jingrou sternly accused, "Is this how your Hot Sun Game Company sees high praises and low steps?"

Anyway, Xingfeng Company is not strong enough, and it is basically impossible to acquire Hotsun Games. I am not afraid to offend this company.

As soon as she finished speaking, Bai Jingrou suddenly noticed that Bai Qinghao was sitting at the deck table beside the venue, and his cold gaze was also looking towards this side.

God, why is Bai Qinghao here?

She would have stopped talking like that if she knew he was there.

It's really outrageous. Fang Xinxin robbed her of Madam Bai's position, seized her 10% of the shares of the Long Family Group, and prevented Fang Xinxin from losing any ugliness. She was so happy to die!

A reporter came over to take a photo with a camera, "She is the grandson and grandson of the Long Group, Bai Jingrou...Unexpectedly, she is acting for justice?"

"The Bai family's adopted daughter tore her cousin, but there is a good show..." a guest whispered.

The young man who was blocked from the game company saw this.

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