Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 708

Chapter 708:

Immediately cooperate with Bai Jingrou, and acted with righteous indignation, "Yes, I am powerless and powerless. I am a loyal gamer of Sun Game Company. Am I wrong? I was blocked by the door without money or power, Mrs. Bai Shao. You can enter the market if you have power and power. The character of the Sunshine Company is really impressive."

"Speaking of it, it's quite snobbery, or just press the ones who haven't invited Han, and don't let them in. Only those who have invited Han will come in, favoring each other..." Many guests present began to have opinions.

Bai Jingrou sneaked a glance at Bai Qinghao's reaction and found that he was expressionless, wondering what he was thinking?

Even if he wanted to clean her up, she would admit it. Anyway, it's just the facts, not even Xinxin's face, she will vomit blood immediately.

Just as Yi Jinbin wanted to say something, Fang Xinxin walked over and looked at Bai Jingrous eyes, full of irony, "Miss Bai Jingrou, you slandered the Hot Sun Game Company for its poor moral character and maliciously harmed the Sun Game Companys reputation, but you have to bear the law. responsible."

"This company must be snobbish to put you in, don't you let people tell the truth?" Bai Jingrou is not afraid, "Even if I fight a lawsuit, I will not lose. On the contrary, it will let more people know that the company is high. Thanks to the evil deeds!"

The guests present were all quiet, but many people already had dissatisfaction on their faces. Some people in the know felt that Bai Jingrou's brain was cramped.

Yi Jinbin hurriedly said to everyone, "Dont listen to Miss Bai Jingrous nonsense. Our Sunshine Game Company is by no means a poor conduct. Although Fang Xinxin did not invite Han, she is the organizer of this venue, and she is absolutely qualified to enter. of."

Bai Jingrou laughed sarcastically, "What game organizer, Mr. Yi might as well say that Sunny Game Company was opened by Fang Xinxin."

"This company is really opened by Fang Xinxin." Yi Jinbin bowed respectfully to Fang Xinxin, "Mr Fang."

"Impossible!" Bai Jingrou looked incredulous. "The Hot Sun Game Company is a subsidiary of the Hot Sun Consortium. If the company was opened by Fang Xinxin, it would be better to say that she is the chairman behind the Sun Consortium!"

"She is indeed the chairman behind the Hot Sun Consortium." Yi Jinbin said solemnly, "Her identity cannot be forged, otherwise it will be exposed when she goes to the Hot Sun Consortium. Miss Bai, are you surprised? ?"

"No...impossible..." Bai Jingrou's face was pale as paper.

Bai Chenxi was also shocked so that the whole person was almost dumbfounded.

Fang Xinxin is actually the chairman behind the Hot Sun Consortium. What a great guy this must be!

In an instant, he felt that he had missed hundreds of billions!

"I have always wanted to interview the chairman behind the Hot Sun Consortium, but he himself never showed his face in public. Now he was forced out by Miss Bai Jingrou." A reporter kept taking pictures of Fang Xinxin, "Fang Dong, you are young , A successful career, may I ask, is this achievement made by the light of the Bai family?"

"Fang Xinxin relied on her to start her own business." At this time, Bai Qinghao, who was dressed in a straight suit, walked over with a grim face, with a glass of red wine in his hand.

Its dignified and cold aura instantly gives people a sense of looking up and seeing.

Bai Jingrou looked at her excellent sweetheart, dropped her eyelids, and whispered, "Cousin, Fang Xinxin, a student, where did you get the money to start a business? Did you give her start-up capital?"