Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 709

Chapter 709:

"No." Bai Qinghao was expressionless, "About two years ago, Fang Xinxin won the 85 million prize in the first phase. She used the winning funds to start a business. The Sun Consortium has today's achievements, and the Bai family has never done so. A little bit of help. Fang Xinxin has never revealed that the Sun Consortium is actually a company under her name in order not to touch the Bai family's glory."

"Wow!" The guests present were all stunned.

"It turns out that Fang Xinxin was the one who won the 85 million prize!"

"The branches of the Hot Sun Consortium have been thriving in the past two years. The Hot Sun Real Estate Company, which used to take 3 billion pieces of land, has to change to 30 billion now..."

"There is also the hot sun clothing branch, with a turnover of tens of billions..."

"I heard that the chairman behind the Sun Consortium is still a recognized stock **** in the industry, and she has not lost her vote..." Numerous voices of praise pour into Fang Xinxin.

Yi Jinbin flattered, "Our chairman Fang Xinxin is a typical successful entrepreneur. As the general manager hired by a game company under the Sun Consortium, I am proud of having such an excellent chairman!"

All of a sudden, there were warm applause.

A reporter pointed the microphone at Bai Jingrou, "Miss Bai, Fang Xinxin is indeed the owner of this game company, the organizer. You didn't even figure this out, so you ranted that there is a moral problem with the hot sun game company. May I ask, do you? Is it always so indiscriminate?"

Bai Jingrou's face was as pale as paper, she bit her lower lip, "I..."

Just about to leave, a security guard stopped her from going.

The reporter continued to ask, "Ms. Bai, before you bought a female employee of the Shengshi Group, Xiao Aiting always targeted Fang Xinxin, saying that her identity was not worthy of Bai Qinghao's President Bai, raising your status as the grandson daughter of the Long Family. What are your motives? Do you think that the strength of Fang Dong of the Hot Sun Group is not as good as yours?"

Bai Jingrou became angry, "Who said I am a vase? Who said I bought Xiao Aiting?"

"It was Xiao Aiting who posted it on the Internet."

"Don't believe her!" Bai Jingrou didn't admit it, "I confiscated her!"

"She has a record of the transfer you gave her. I won't talk about it in advance." The reporter ignored her excuse and said, "To be honest, even if your Long Group heir is noble, after all, it is only a good background. And Fang Xinxin is the result of hard work with her own hands. You took your background to suppress others' strengths in starting a business, don't you feel ashamed?".

No matter how elegant Bai Jingrou's complexion is, it is difficult to maintain calm, "I have the right not to answer your questions."

Seeing this, Bai Chenxi quietly flashed to the corner, afraid of attracting the attention of others.

When the troubled teenager saw this and wanted to leave, Fang Xinxin cornered the security guard, and someone immediately stopped him.

Fang Xinxin walked over and asked, "Since you said that you are a senior user of my hot sun game company, which game do you play, can the game ID number be logged in live?"

"I..." The man squeaked.

"Can't tell, right?" Fang Xinxin nodded at a man in a gray suit.

The man said, "I am a staff member of the Hot Sun Game Company. Just now I heard Miss Bai Jingrou call from hiding in the corner. It was related to our company, so I had to record it."

Then, a recording was played: