Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 711

Chapter 711:

The two were walking in the yard. Huang Zhishu hurried over and said to Grandpa Bai eagerly, "Dad, something happened to Jingrou!"

Bai Chongshan raised his gray eyebrows, "What happened to her?"

Huang Zhishu glanced at Fang Xinxin, "Jingrou accidentally offended the Sun Game Company under the Sun Consortium founded by Xin Xin, and was taken into the bureau and detained!"

An accident flashed in Bai Chongshan's yellow old eyes, "Fang Xinxin founded the unstoppable Sun Consortium in the past two years?"

"Yes." Fang Xinxin answered.

"I didn't expect my grandson-in-law to be so capable!" The old lady Bai praised with great satisfaction, and glanced at Huang Zhishu displeasedly, "You also hinted at me before that Xinxin's identity is not as expensive as your adopted daughter Bai Jingrou's sole heir to the Long clan. Think of it, Xinxin is so competitive. With the sun consortium, sooner or later, it will surpass the Long Group."

As if thinking of something, "I forgot that Long Group has 10% of the shares in Xin Xin's name. Xin Xin can now be on an equal footing with Long Group even by relying on her own ability. You said, you are an elder, Why are you so short-sighted? Comparing your adopted daughter with my granddaughter-in-law, your adopted daughter is not comparable to Xinxin."

Huang Zhishu is particularly ugly. If Jingrou really is her own adopted daughter, then forget it, her biological daughter!

Her biological daughter was so ridiculed by the dead old man, but she had no choice but to say, "Yes, yes. How come Jingrou is also the adopted daughter of the Bai family, dad, you can't just watch Jingrou being detained!"

"What did she commit? How many days will she be locked up?" The old lady Bai could only ask.

"I just offended Xinxin by accident." Huang Zhishu wanted to make things smaller.

Fang Xinxin frowned, "What is accidental? Did she deliberately trouble me?" Then, she reported the incident to the old lady.

Grandpa Bai scowled and reprimanded Huang Zhishu, "Didn't Jing Rou always feel at ease? Xin Xin is Mrs. Bai Shao, and she dared to deliberately go to the Sun Game Company to make trouble. In that case, she spent a few days in the detention center. "

"But, Dad...Jing Rou has always been spoiled, how can she bear the pain inside..." Huang Zhishu was anxious.

"She will be responsible for the mistakes she made. You don't have to say more!" The old lady Bai had a determined attitude.

Huang Zhishu withdrew only consensually, quietly squinting towards Fang Xinxin, a ray of insidiousness flashed in her eyes.

This bitch, not to mention the position of Mrs. Bai's daughter, caused her noble daughter to be detained, making her angry!

After Fang Xinxin helped the old lady Bai to return to the room to rest, she sat alone in the courtyard watching the sunset.

The sun was close to the horizon, and the sky bloomed with red clouds, so that the sky seemed to be a satin glowing red, red, orange, and green... the various rays of the sky are unpredictable and beautiful.

Bai Chenxi stood not far behind Fang Xinxin, watching the afterglow of the setting sun and her beautiful body seem to merge into one, so beautiful that it can't eat the fireworks!

The heart beats suddenly.

The appearance of this woman really shocked him.

Seeing no one else was around, Bai Chenxi walked towards her, "Xinxin..."

She glanced at him coldly, "Call me Madam Bai."

"Xinxin, we grew up, childhood sweethearts..."

She couldn't help listening, and turned to leave. He quickly stood in front of her, "Listen to me..."