Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 713

Chapter 713:

"It's me that you love!" Bai Chenxi couldn't accept this fact, "Since childhood, you obviously liked me..."

"That's because I had a low self-esteem at the beginning and felt that I was not worthy of Bai Qinghao. I was instigated by my bad second sister, Fang Manxue, to pretend to be a good sister." She glanced at him up and down. "Bai Chenxi, it was not me who hit you. In my eyes, you are not worthy even if you give Bai Qinghao shoes. How could I look at you?"

"You!" He squeezed his fists together, and the veins on his forehead jumped with anger. He originally wanted to coax Fang Xinxin to change her mind and help him deal with Bai Qinghao, but now it seems that the abacus has failed.

"Why, do you still want to do it to me?" Fang Xinxin snorted coldly. She will have supernatural powers and maimed him, but don't be too simple!

"No, I don't dare to move you, Mrs. Bai, with my great courage." Bai Chenxi suddenly collapsed her shoulders like a defeated rooster, looked around in a circle, and suddenly said, "Xinxin, it seems that we were a little bit young when we were young. For emotional reasons, would you lend me some money?"

"How much do you want to borrow?" Fang Xinxin squinted slightly. Thinking of the 50 million pocket money that Bai Qinghao had given her in her previous life was borrowed by Bai Chenxi, the other party was inexhaustible after the dime was not paid back.

In this life, he don't want to get a dime from her.

"Five...50 million." Bai Chenxi didn't dare to ask for more. "Fifty million is a small number for you today." A pleading flashed in his eyes, "Dawn I did it myself. The business is not doing well and can't survive, it's about to close. You can lend it to me."

"You are not worth a penny in my eyes. You still borrowed fifty million, which is fantastic!" She moved away.

He still wanted to continue chasing, but after two steps, he was grabbed by the bodyguard Liu Li.

Turning around, Bai Qinghao stood five paces away for some unknown time, and he was so cold that he was so cold!

Bai Chenxi frightened his legs immediately, "Tang...cousin..."

"Hold it down and'hello' him well." Bai Qinghao waved his hand, and Liu Li led Bai Chenxi away.

Soon, the screams of Bai Chenxi's beatings wafted from not far away and spread throughout the old house of the Bai family.

The pig-killing screams scared the people in the yard shivering.

Bai Qinghao was in a particularly good mood. Bai Chenxi's trash was once the biggest obstacle between him and Xinxin. Now, in the eyes of his beloved wife, the trash is worthless.

How can we not make him happy?

He took a steady step, the tall figure chased Xinxin from the top three or two steps, wrapped her soft body in his arms from behind, lowered his head and sniffed her hair, "Good fragrance..."

She didn't turn around either, lying directly in his arms, "Didn't you go to handle the important tasks of the Bai family. Are you back so soon?"

"Miss you." Bai Qinghao's thin, determined lips pressed a kiss on her white cheek.

She was very moved by his cold male voice.

In his previous life, he never confessed to her, loved her, or missed him.

In this life, he will say love and miss.

Really changed a lot.

She leaned in his arms, greedily watching the sky full of sunset, colorful and colorful, "Bai Qinghao, I really hope this moment can last forever."

It's a pity that she still has a lot of calamity to overcome.

"Don't stay the same." He imprisoned her tightly, "I just want to be by your side no matter what happens."