Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 715

Chapter 715: Xin Can't Lay Eggs

Fang Xinxin threw into his arms and said dullly, "Bai Qinghao, I am not pregnant."

"I know." Bai Qinghao raised his hand and touched her long hair. "Didn't Shi Qiansheng say that we will have babies."

He did an examination secretly, and his fertility was fine.

However, she did not get pregnant for a year or two. Originally wanted to say that he had no problem with fertility, he swallowed it again.

If, in the future, she will never be pregnant, and the white parents put pressure on her. He said that he could not give birth.

She was very unhappy and said, "What if I really can't have a baby?"

"Then we will have a good life for the two of us." He inserted his big palm into her soft hair, letting the long hair slide along the fingers, enjoying the silky silky softness.

She shook her head. "White parents will not agree."

"It's not to live with them." Bai Qinghao straightened her head, looked at her deeply, and said solemnly, "Wife, don't feel pressure on giving birth to a baby. If they dare to have trouble in the future, we I've always lived in the Imperial Court, and I won't go back to the old house of the Bai family."

"Okay." She nodded, "I've decided, even if I'm a hen who can't lay eggs. I will dominate you."

He looked at her with spoiled eyes and frowned again, "What is a hen who can't lay eggs, who dares to talk nonsense, I will tear his mouth. You are the treasure of my life!"

"Hmm." She leaned securely in his broad and warm arms.

Even if she is not pregnant at this time in this life, although she regrets, the only thing she can cherish is to stay with him.

Bai Jingrou, just behind the main building of the Bai familys old house, sat on the sofa with a black face just when she got home.

Huang Zhishu personally stewed a bowl of bird's nest porridge for her, "Daughter, you just came out of it, and you have suffered so much to replenish your body."

"What's not in it!" Bai Jingrou glared at her while drinking the bird's nest, "I will be detained for three days, let alone this!"

Bai Chenxi glanced at his sister displeasedly, "What are you angry at mom?"

Bai Jingrou angered her face, "I'm just angry. Those old immortals from the Bai family watched me being detained. As long as they said a word, they would be free from detention. What's even more annoying is that I am detained. Just released this morning to greet them, the three old people were busy asking the doctor to check Fang Xinxin's body without even looking at me."

"It's all right, don't be angry with my daughter." Huang Zhishu felt sorry for her daughter. "Sooner or later, kill those old things."

Bai Chenxi frowned suddenly, "Fang Xinxin is fine, what body is to be examined?"

Huang Zhishu said, "The Bai family wants to check if there is any problem with Fang Xinxin's fertility."

Bai Jingrou put down half of the bird's nest porridge and drank, "Is there a problem? Fang Xinxin has lived with Bai Qinghao for so long after all, will he not get pregnant?"

A ray of viciousness flashed across the eyes.

If Fang Xinxin's **** dared to get pregnant, she would get her an abortion and let the **** be infertile for life!

"Waiting for the result." Huang Zhishu looked at the door.

At this time, a maid hurried over, whispered a few words in Zhishu's ear, and then stepped back.

"Mom, how is it?" Bai Jingrou stood up from the sofa excitedly.

"After the blood test, Fang Xinxin is not pregnant." Huang Zhishu said the result.

"It's fine if she is not pregnant now. If there is, it would be a bit troublesome to get rid of that child." Bai Jingrou thoughtfully.