Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 716

Chapter 716:

"But she is in good health and may be pregnant at any time in the future..." Huang Zhishu couldn't help but worry.

"She doesn't necessarily get that time in Bai's house." A sneer smile suddenly appeared on the corner of Bai Jingrou's lips.

"Sister, do you have any plans?" Bai Chenxi asked curiously.

Bai Jingrou sneered, "Didn't I send someone to start an investigation from Fang Shaohuas hourly worker Gao Ru the other day? Guess what I found?"

"Say it!" Bai Chenxi was very interested.

"Fang Xinxin actually has a leg with Fang Shaohua!" Bai Jingrou laughed sarcastically, "If Bai Qinghao knew about this matter, would you say that Fang Xinxin would immediately roll off from Madam Bai's position?"

Think slightly, "Is there a woman named Sun Jiamu next to Fang Shaohua who is still a good friend with Fang Xinxin? You said, if Sun Jiamu knew that her man had slept with Fang Xinxin, how would he react?"

"Fang Xinxin has left the family." Huang Zhishu's middle-aged woman smiled so much that there were a few more wrinkles in the corners of her eyes.

"When Fang Xinxin is planted, I will comfort her again and take advantage of it." Bai Chenxi dialed the abacus beads, "coax her, even if she doesn't help me deal with Bai Qinghao, the Sun Consortium under her name, It's mine too..."

As if seeing himself becoming a rich man, he laughed excitedly, "Sister. How are you going to expose this?"

"Of course, as usual, you can't do it yourself."


In a suite on the 20th floor of a building in Hongsheng Community, Sun Jiamu stood alone on the balcony, overlooking the city's high-rise buildings and bustling city.

Three days ago, she and Fang Shaohua obtained a marriage certificate.

I thought she would live a loving life as a husband and wife. It turns out that the opposite is true.

I still remember that when she came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau that day, holding a crimson wedding notebook, she smiled like a flower.

Fang Shaohua didn't have any extra expression on Fang Shaohua's face.

That night, it was a flowery night in the bridal chamber. Two people lay on the bed. She took the initiative to hug him from behind, but he said he was tired.

Did not mean to touch her at all.

Therefore, the two turned their backs to back until dawn.

Early the next morning, Fang Shaohua went on a business trip.

He did not approve the letter of resignation she had handed before.

As his secretary, she wouldn't know that the project he was traveling on was not very important, so just send the manager below.

He has to play in person. She wants to follow, but he says that there is no need for one more person.

It was clear that he was avoiding her.

Before he knew it, Sun Jiamu sighed, and a bit of bitterness spread from the bottom of his heart.

Marrying a man who doesn't love yourself is so miserable that your new husband will be bullied.

Fang Shaohua has not contacted her for three days.

She even feels that it is better not to marry, at least once a friend, he will take care of her.

From his business trip, she sent him a message every night before going to bed. Although, he has never returned news.

It can't go on like this.

She took out her mobile phone and dialed Fang Shaohuas mobile phone number. There were dozens of sounds. Just when she thought he would not answer, Fang Shaohuas gentle and magnetic male voice rang, "Hey..."

She took a deep breath and asked in a very relaxed tone, "Husband, how about going on a business trip?"

He was silent for a while, maybe she didn't expect her to call him by this name.

After a while, he nodded slightly, "Yeah."