Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 717

Chapter 717:

"What have you eaten, what hotel have you stayed in these days, and have you brought enough clothes?" She tried to find the topic.

"I'll be okay for a while, so I won't talk about these irrelevant things." Fang Shaohua said coldly, "Do you have anything else?"

Feeling his cold attitude, she endured the sourness in her heart, still pretending to have a relaxed tone, "Come back early."

"Got it." He was about to hang up, and she said quickly, "Wait."

There was already a hint of impatience in his tone, "What else?"

"Take care of yourself." There is a deep affection in her voice, "husband, I am waiting for you at home."

After all, he hung up the phone.

Fang Shaohua over there stared at the phone, lost in thought for a long time.

He is an orphan. Although he was loved by his adoptive parents, he still lacks a sense of belonging.

She waited for him at home.

It deeply touched his heart and made him feel warm when he lacked love.

On the Hongsheng community, after Sun Jiamu hung up the phone, he walked to the sofa in the living room and sat down.

Gao Ru, the hourly worker, was tidying up the room and came out, "Madam, the sheets in the closet of the master bedroom have not been washed for almost two years. The sun is fine today. Would you like to take it out and clean it?"

A look of curiosity flashed in Sun Jiamu's eyes, "What sheets have not been washed for two years?"

"In the grid in the upper left corner of the closet, the young master kept it there, saying that he would not move."

Before she could finish her words, Sun Jiamu walked into the master bedroom wearing slippers, and looked at the upper right corner of the opened closet door, only to see a bed of cotton wool, "Don't you see the sheets?"

"I'll take it down for you." Gao Ru moved a chair, stood on the chair, and removed the cotton wool. As expected, a neatly folded bed sheet appeared behind the cotton wool.

Sun Jiamu took the sheets and was puzzled, "What kind of sheets should be stored so well."

As he said, shaking the bed sheet away, a pool of long-dried blood was found in the middle of the bed sheet, "This is..."

It was on the bed sheet, according to her idea, it was either menstrual blood or redness.

I remember the night when I had a relationship with Shaohua in Fang's villa, the bed sheets were white, but not the light blue.

I didn't make it myself. that

Sun Jiamu sank, and looked at the hourly worker Gao Ru, "Aunt Gao, do you know what's going on with the blood on the bed sheet?"

Gao Ru lowered his head, he stopped talking, "I...I am a servant, not very good at talking."

"Speak straight."

"Ma'am, I'm looking at you. I don't want you to tell you when you were scammed." Gao Ru seemed to have made up his mind before speaking, "This is probably almost two years ago. One day Mr. Fang Shaohua was drunk, Miss Fang Xinxin came to accompany him, and the two of them..."

Sun Jiamu frowned, "Wait, do you see them with your own eyes?"


"Then don't abuse adjectives." An unhappy flashed across Sun Jiamu's face.

Gao Ru quickly explained, "That's it. Mr. Fang was drunk that day and Miss Fang came. I happened to ask for leave that day. Miss Fang asked me to come and take care of Mr. Fang. After Mr. Fang woke up, I saw it. This sheet also reminded Mr. Fang that he was responsible for getting a womans innocence. He also said he would be responsible. If I have a word of lies, let me thunder and strike!"

Sun Jiamu's complexion was touched, and after a while, he said calmly, "Okay, fold the sheets and put them back."