Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 718

Chapter 718:

Gao Ru had to fold the sheets and put them back in place, watching her face secretly, "Madam, are you not angry? Fang Xinxin is your good friend, she got a piece with Mr. Fang..."

Knowing that a friend has cheated on her husband, shouldn't it be a big fire? Then, I went to find Fang Xinxin to settle the accounts, and the trouble was everywhere.

"What's so angry?" In fact, Sun Jiamu's heart felt like a blunt pain, but his face was calm.

"But that day, Miss Fang called me to take care of Mr. Fang..."

"It may also be that after Fang Shaohua had a relationship with other women, Fang Xinxin came to see the mess in the house, and asked you to clean up."

Gao Ru was silent for a moment, "Do not rule out this possibility."

"Not to mention." Sun Jiamu's lips flashed bitterly, "According to the date you said, I didn't know Fang Shaohua at that time. At that time, no matter what woman he was with, it was his freedom."

In other words, even though Shaohua and Fang Xinxin really had a relationship at that time, she did not have an angry position.

Just think of this layer. Her heart hurts!

"I can't tell, madam, you are so generous." Gao Ru didn't say anything.

Sun Jiamu looked at her slightly drooping head, but squinted her eyes slightly, "Aunt Gao, let's talk, what are you doing?"

"Madam, I don't understand what you mean..."

"I'm not a fool." Sun Jiamu snorted coldly. "I have been with Fang Shaohua for almost two years. Don't give me any excuses. What is it that the sun just happens to be drying the sheets today. Now that you know this, it will be two I haven't said it since the end of the year, that is, I have never planned to say it. What is the purpose of saying it now?

Gao Ru insisted, "Madam, I really do it for you. A few days ago, you married Mr. Fang and gave me a red envelope. After all, you and Fang Xinxin are good friends, and she has a leg with your husband. This matter... you didnt get married before. Now... just married, Mr. Fang treats you this way again. Im afraid its because of Fang Xinxin, Im afraid you will suffer. So I would rather be a villain in the middle. I told you something."

"Really?" Sun Jiamu was not convinced.

"Never dare to lie to you." Gao Ru looked sincere.

"Okay, I see." Sun Jiamu confessed coldly, "I remind you first, since you didn't see the process with your own eyes, then the blood on the sheets is not necessarily Fang Xinxin's. Secondly, the matter ends here. Don't mention it to anyone. You know?"

"Yes, yes." Gao Ru quickly agreed.

She is only a part-time worker, and she is usually responsible for cooking and housework. She leaves when she is busy and does not live at home.

After Gao Ru left Hongsheng Community, he stood in the corner of a house on the street and called a strange woman in a panic, "I have done what you want, but Sun Jiamu has no response."

"Unexpectedly, this woman Sun Jiamu is quite generous, so calm. You first observe whether Sun Jiamu will make trouble. If she doesn't make trouble, you will do it again..."

Gao Ru heard this and quickly said yes.

That night, Sun Jiamu was surprised that Fang Shaohua returned from a business trip.

As soon as he entered the house, Sun Jiamu asked, "Have you had dinner?" He took the briefcase in his hand and took him a pair of slippers.