Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 719

Chapter 719:

"You have eaten, you don't need to be busy." Fang Shaohua said that because he didn't want her to worry about dinner actually.

He took the slippers and put them on, and saw that she had no makeup, her skin was delicate and her facial features were very beautiful. Why didn't she find out before, she turned out to be a great beauty?

She was wearing a set of pink pajamas, in the cartoon style, a bit playful and cute.

His eyes could not help but stay on her for a moment.

Sun Jiamu first poured him a cup of tea, cut a plate of fruit and put it on the coffee table, "You drink hot tea first and eat some fruit."

She turned around and went into the kitchen. After busying for a while, she brought out a plate of fragrant egg fried rice and handed it to him, "Even after dinner, you can eat more."

In fact, she knew that he hadn't eaten, maybe she was afraid to trouble her.

It was only 6:30 in the evening, and he hurried back from another place. According to the travel time, there should be no time to eat halfway.

Fang Shaohua stared at her, thinking she was so considerate, took the plate, took the spoon and started to eat the rice she personally fried.

The two were silent.

Sun Jiamu went to the master bedroom bathroom, cleaned the bathtub, put hot water in it, and found a set of clean pajamas to put on the towel rack, "husband, after you have eaten, take a hot bath. Tired on the road, relax."

"Yeah." Fang Shaohua's voice came from the living room.

Sun Jiamu walked out again and took the plate he had emptied, "Would you like to fry some more rice?"

She put the empty dishes in the kitchen, and the hourly workers will naturally wash the dishes tomorrow.

Fang Shaohua walked into the master bedroom, saw a large bathtub of water, and glanced at the pajamas on the towel rack. She even prepared the pajamas for him thoughtfully.

After undressing, he took a bath.

About twenty minutes later, Fang Shaohua had just walked into the bedroom in his pajamas. Sun Jiamu saw that his hair was wet, so he took a hairdryer to help him blow it.

He frowned. "I'll do it myself."

"It's okay, I'll help you." She smiled.

"Say, I'll do it myself!" He is not used to being served by others, especially women!

She stiffened and handed him the hairdryer, "Okay."

Seeing her back walking out of the room a bit lonely, his heart hurt inexplicably, "Jia Mu..."

She looked back, smiled and asked, "What's the matter, husband?"

"I'm just not used to other people's care. I don't need to do this for me in the future." After all, she is a daughter. These are not what she should do.

Sun Jiamu felt bitter in her heart.

In addition to these, what can she do for him?

As his new wife, he doesn't even need to warm her bed.

He was blowing his hair in the room, and the sound of the hairdryer added a little noise to the quiet house.

Sun Jiamu sat on the sofa in a daze.

In the past two years, she knew that Fang Shaohua was a very infatuated and persistent man.

Fang Xinxin has taken deep roots in his heart. She didn't know, could she wait for his love if she exhausted her life?

I want to ask him if he really has a relationship with Fang Xinxin?

if. Even if it was once, she found... thinking of this possibility, her heart was bleeding.

She and Fang Shaohua are like married strangers.

She was afraid to ask, the relationship with him, even the current respect like ice, could not be maintained.

Even more afraid to ask Xinxin. Afraid that even the only friend will be lost.

In addition to swallowing this bitterness.