Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 720

Chapter 720:

Sun Jiamu found herself-- helpless.

She took a shower in the bathroom of the second bedroom and changed into a translucent sling pajamas.

Fang Shaohua is sitting on the sofa watching TV.

She walked to him, knelt half-legged on the sofa, wrapped her arms around his neck, "husband..."

"Jia Mu, what are you doing?"

"Husband." She kissed his handsome face gently.

"Don't make trouble."

"Who is making trouble?" She unbuttoned his clothes. "Husband, even if you don't love me, we are a husband and wife. You have to fulfill your obligations?"

The next morning, when Sun Jiamu woke up, she was alone in the bed, and Fang Shaohua was not seen.

But when I thought, last night.

The corners of her lips couldn't help but curl up slightly.

Physical closeness is also a good start, isn't it?

In the next few days, Fang Shaohua and Sun Jiamu went to the company during the day and went home to make friends at night.

For Fang Shaohua, since his wife has to fulfill her obligations as a husband, he has no reason to refuse.

Sun Jiamu only hoped that he would like himself more.

Even if... he only likes her body.

After about ten days, Fang Shaohua suddenly avoided her again.

Good morning. I don't know what's going on during the day, and I have been extremely cold towards her all day.

At four o'clock in the evening, Sun Jiamu was sitting in the assistant's office, feeling that Fang Shaohua was inexplicable when she suddenly received a recording on her mobile phone.

"Mr. Fang, I'm sorry, I told your wife Jiamu about the matter between you and Miss Xinxin." This is Gao Ru's voice in the recording.

"What's the matter?" Fang Shaohua's voice.

"Just about two years ago, you were drunk once and you had a relationship with Miss Xinxin."

"I didn't confess to you, this matter can't be mentioned to anyone!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It was your wife Jiamu who found out that you kept the sheets from when you had a relationship with Miss Xinxin. I really dare not lie, I can only tell her the truth."

"Get out! From now on, you won't use it for part-time work anymore." Fang Shaohua's voice was particularly annoyed.

Sun Jiamu heard this recording, which confirmed that Fang Shaohua had actually slept with Fang Xinxin. His whole heart was suddenly overwhelmed with soreness and tears fell on his face.

Fang Shaohua came out of the president's office and passed by the assistant's office and saw her crying.

For some reason, her teary face made him feel flustered.

He walked to her and frowned, "What are you crying for?"

She sat on the chair behind the desk, raised her head, and asked him softly, "Is it true that you had a relationship with Fang Xinxin?"

He nodded, his handsome face filled with pain, "I don't want to hide it from you."

"Then do you... love me?" she asked hardly.

Seeing her teary face, he felt a little bit of pain in his heart, but shook his head.

"After that..." She pulled her lips bitterly. "In the future, is it possible that you will fall in love with me?"