Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 721

Chapter 721:

"My love has been given to Xinxin." Fang Shaohua closed his eyes in pain, "Except for Xinxin, I will never love any woman in this life."

"But you married me!" She almost wanted to scream, and the voice came out of her throat, but she was so weak.

"I said, because I want your innocence, marry you. I'm just responsible for you."

Her heart was bleeding, and she whispered lightly, "What I want is not responsibility, but your love."

"After drinking, I got Xinxin's innocence." Fang Shaohua's heart was full of suffering, "Originally, I was responsible for her. She married Bai Qinghao, and she didn't need me. No matter what, it was me after all. Lost to her. I can't feel sorry for you anymore, so I can give you a marriage. And promise that you will be the only woman in the future. However, you can't give you love."

She chased him for almost two years, and asked with a sigh, "Is there any hope of falling in love with me?"

"Xinxin told me to treat you well. She hopes that you are her sister-in-law." Fang Shaohua has no expression on her face. "Marrying you can make Xinxin feel at ease, and second, you can take the responsibility that I should bear, so you become My wife."

"Enough!" Sun Jiamu screamed.

Fang Shaohua looked at her angry face in surprise. He never knew that she would be angry too?

In the past two years, she has been pleased with him everywhere, and she has never lost her temper.

Sun Jiamu felt like a beggar, begging him for so long.

Always expect him to take a look at himself.

Now, the facts are so hurtful.

Sun Jiamu stood up, took a tissue from the table, wiped away his tears, and walked outside the office.

Fang Shaohua reached out and took her arm.

Just when she thought he wanted to stay, he said, "Don't tell me about Xinxin...about me."

Sun Jiamu's heart seemed to be soaked in ice water, ironically, "I don't guarantee, I won't poke it out."

A trace of anger flashed across his handsome face, "Sun Jiamu, do you have to destroy Xinxin's happiness? She is already married and will not affect you anymore!"

She laughed and pulled away the fingers he held her arm little by little, "She took your heart, I just want to be a bad woman."

Since he cares about Xinxin so much, it's okay to be angry with him.

Because, he would only be angry about Xinxin, and the rest, he couldn't bear to give her an extra look, wouldn't he?

"You!" Fang Shaohua's deep and melancholy eyes flashed a fierce light.

"Why, want to hit me?" Jia Mu raised a beautiful face.

Fang Shaohua stared at her cheek with a cold and tired voice, "I don't hit women."

"Then let go of your hand!" Her voice was icy.

Fang Shaohua didn't know why, and she felt a little bit reluctant, "Unless, you promise not to hurt Fang Xinxin."

"Good." Sun Jiamu agreed directly. At the same time, a deep sorrow rose in his heart.

Xinxin is her best and only friend.

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