Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 723

Chapter 723:

After just over an hour, Gao Ru was detained by bodyguards into the lobby of the Royal Court Villa.

Bai Qinghao sat down on the sofa, the lighter rang and a cigar was lit.

Gao Ru was pushed by the bodyguard and fell to the ground.

When he looked up, he saw a cigarette between Bai Qinghao's white fingers, and he took a sip, swallowing mist.

That noble as a god, but with the shock of death, made Gao Ru tremble with fright.

"Rao... forgive me!" Gao Ru clearly knew what had come to her.

Bai Qinghao raised his eyebrows and flicked the burnt soot, "Recording, is there a backup?" If this recording is released, not only Xinxin's reputation will be destroyed, but even the Bai family will also lose face.

"No, no," Gao Ru said immediately, "Never dare to back up."

Bai Qinghaos cold voice did not seem to have any emotional fluctuations, "Ancient torture was called a thousand knives and tens of thousands of knives. The flesh of a person was cut off one by one, with thousands of knives. The meat is not clean, and there are bones attached. , Then continue to scrape with the knife. I think you like to pay for it."

Winked at the bodyguard.

The opponent knowingly took out a dagger, and viciously approached Gao Ru.

Gao Ru was so scared that he almost peeed his pants, "Mr. Bai, I really don't have a recording backup. The sound was not recorded by me, it was recorded by Mr. Fang!"

Before the sentence was executed, Gao Rugao was so scared that he was so scared that he said, "A strange woman called me a few days ago and she threatened me with my family. Let me confess something about the relationship between Fang Shaohua and Fang Xinxin. Secret matter. I cant recruit. She is going to attack my family. Im really scared. So I knew that Mr. Fang Shaohua and Miss Fang Xinxin had one time in the suite of Hongsheng Community. She told her. I told Sun Jiamu about this to see Sun Jiamu's reaction.

Unexpectedly, after waiting for ten days, Sun Jiamu didn't make any trouble. So, she asked me to get proof that Fang Shaohua and Fang Xinxin were together. I went to ask Mr. Fang Shaohua, I secretly prepared a voice recorder. Unexpectedly, when he asked Mr. Fang about this, he readily admitted. I also think that recording is easy, but Fang Shaohua found the recording pen on the spot. He used my mobile phone number to send you the recording. After sending it, I deleted the recording on my phone. I really don't have a backup. Believe it or not, you can ask Mr. Fang. "

Bai Qinghao thoughtfully, "That strange woman, what should you do after you get the recording?"

"Send it to her." Gao Ru said, "But, Mr. Bai, I really didn't touch the recording, nor did I send it to her. Moreover, Mr. Fang Shaohua also guessed that you would arrest me here, just let me tell the truth. ."

Gao Ru cried, "Mr. Bai, I'm really a person who keeps me safe. I don't know why, that strange woman asked me to do this. She must be trying to harm Miss Xinxin. And Mr. Fang, neither do I Be clear about his motives. I can't afford to offend either, you...I can't afford to offend even more. Just beg you to forgive me."

Bai Qinghao's face was as cold as ice, and his voice concealed an undercurrent, "Is it true what was said in the recording?"

"Yes...really..." Gao Ru nodded.

Bai Qinghao's deep and ice-like eyes instantly filled with storm-like anger, and his fists creaked.

Gao Ru paled with fright, "Mr. Bai, I am innocent. I promise I won't talk about this. You let me go."