Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 727

Chapter 727:


In the world, except for her. No woman would love him so much as she did.

Willing to live for him, die for him, and give everything for him!

One day, he will feel her deep love.

Bai Qinghao stared at her affectionate eyes, and inexplicably, he could feel the red-hot heart that she was loving him with her life. His heart was full of emotions, "I can't bear you to die. I would rather leave me. I dont want to hurt you even my own life."

She sighed and pressed her small face against his flat chest, "Bai Qinghao, I love you so much, how can I be sorry for you?"

His heart was as cold as a glacier, "I'm sorry, I..."

"Don't apologize anymore." Fang Xinxin looked at his deep apologetic eyes, and what he saw in his eyes was full of love.

Frankly speaking, this man is noble as a god, and has always been aloof, like an emperor.

Asking him to apologize, I am afraid that there is no one before and no one will come, but she is the only one.

It shows that her position in his heart surpasses him.

She really... couldn't bear to be angry with him.

The two stood in the bedroom, his tall and stalwart physique tightly hugging her fragile body...

The old lady Bai outside the door didn't hear any excessive movement in the room, so he relaxed and left.

The Jingxin Residence behind the main building of the old house of the Bai family.

Bai Chenxi walked around in the living room with anxious expression, "The part-time worker Gao Ru was arrested by Bai Qinghao. Will she confess bad news to us?"

Bai Jingrou sat on the sofa, picked up the tea on the table, and took a sip slowly, "It wasn't that we intervened, how could it be possible to confess us."

"Yes." Bai Chenxi relieved a little, "Just now, Fang Shaohua sent someone to give Bai Qinghao a gift. I don't know what it is?"

"It must be the bed sheet that Fang Xinxin communicated with him and Jian. Besides that bed sheet, what else is worth sending to Bai Qinghao?" Bai Jingrou said sarcastically, "I just don't understand, Fang Xinxin Since Fang Shaohua has given his innocence to Fang Shaohua, isn't Bai Qinghao obsessed with cleanliness? How could he want a broken willow!"

"She looks good and has a good figure." Chen Xi thought of Fang Xinxin's figure, perfect proportions, and that stunningly beautiful face. "As far as her looks, no man in the world can Refuse."

"She will also serve Israel..."

"Sister, don't be sour." Bai Chenxi showed his obsession. "Fang Xinxin is the chairman of the Sun Consortium and the world-renowned designer Alice. She is beautiful and intelligent..."

"Okay. Don't grow up her ambition." Bai Jingrou sneered. "Didn't the servant see Bai Qinghao pulling Fang Xinxin into the room in a rage? How could Bai Qinghao stand a woman betraying him? , Fang Xinxin's life will be dealt with with a shot at any time!"

"That would be a shame." A greedy almost drooling flashed in Bai Chenxi's eyes, "I haven't repaid Fang Xinxin's taste, but I don't want her to die so easily."

"If she just died like this, it would be cheaper for her." A vicious flash flashed in Bai Jingrou's eyes, "If she lives, I'm afraid she will die."

Bai Chenxi looked at his sister's vicious eyes, like a poisonous scorpion, and shivered with a numb scalp, "Fortunately, I am your brother, otherwise..."