Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 730

Chapter 730:

Liu Li kindly said to Shaohua, "Your clothes were not changed by Madam Shao, I changed it. As for the blood on this light blue bed sheet, I also noticed it. Madam Shao suffered a knife wound on her palm earlier. , You are drunk, and when she helped you to rest on the bed, the wound on your hand cracked, and the blood on your palm accidentally stained your bed sheet red."

Fang Xinxin stroked her forehead with a headache, "Brother, you are very heavy, and my hands were sore. When helping you to rest in bed, you accidentally fell on me and almost kissed me. Covered your mouth, you kissed the back of my hand."

When Bai Qinghao heard the words, his eyes became cold and his jaw stretched out. Raise your hand to touch the miniature pistol in your suit pocket, ready to kill at any time!

Fang Xinxin saw Bai Qinghao's hidden murderous flames, and quickly walked to his side, pressing his hand, not allowing him to move impulsively.

She looked at Fang Shaohua, "Brother, although you kissed the back of my hand, when I was angry, I knocked you out with a wine bottle. After you woke up, did you feel back neck pain?"

When she said this, Fang Shaohua really remembered that after she woke up from the wine, her neck hurt very much. It turned out to be beaten by her with a wine bottle.

Her beautiful eyes glared at Bai Qinghao again, "Also you, when I was at my elder brother's house, didn't you just send me a video? I asked you to send Liu Li over, and we had a video chat for a while. God. At that time, you saw in the video that my elder brother was lying on the bed like a drunk and not awake. You said to yourself, what could he do in his state at that time? It was really stabbed, and you wouldn't know the pain."

Bai Qinghao suddenly laughed, and a cold voice escaped from his chest with a mockery, "Fang Shaohua, I was indeed videotaping with Xinxin that day. You are so idiot, you can't tell whether you have **** with a woman? Right words got Xinxin, telling you that you will never get Xinxin. On the contrary, your idiot behavior has risen to a certain level!"

Fang Xinxin glanced at the blood-stained bed sheet on the floor that had been kept by her eldest brother for almost two years, "Brother, the blood on the bed sheet is really not red. Moreover, my innocence was given to Bai Qinghao long ago. Didn't I tell you this too?"

"I thought Bai Qinghao was lying to me, thinking that he was just playing tricks to make me give up on you. I didn't expect that you were really his person before." Fang Shaohua's face was ugly. Seeing the mockery in Bai Qinghao's eyes, he really felt that he was too stupid!

Liu Li couldn't help but uttered, "Mr. Fang, although I am just a bodyguard, I will certainly not be as stupid as you. At least, who I slept with must be clear and I won't be mistaken..."

"Enough!" Fang Shaohua yelled. After being exposed, he had never got Xinxin. It turned out that the truth he thought was a misunderstanding, which made him lose face and become angry.

Fang Xinxin also helped Liu Li speak this time, "Brother, I never thought you would misunderstand this. If you knew it, I would have explained it clearly to you. I dont know it at all. Oh, I think its true. This is also the reason why you are too pure and inexperienced."