Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 732

Chapter 732:

As if she was telling the truth.

"You know, why you mistakenly thought that you got me, but you can bear it in your heart for nearly two years?" She stared at him with clear eyes.

He took her words, "Because, once I was unable to give you happiness, I am trying to catch up with Bai Qinghao's footsteps..."

"No, that's just an excuse you found in your heart." Xinxin shook her head, "In terms of career, you know that you can never catch up with him in career. Moreover, you can sit and watch me live with him before marriage. I am with Bai Qinghao. Together, it just deprives you of your only emotional sustenance, not your love. But, after all, you think you have loved me for so many years, so you are not reconciled. In a state of reconciliation, you want to fight hard, see Can you take me back."

Fang Shaohuas misty sentimental thoughts are as if Fang Xinxins sentiment is seen by Fang Xinxin.

"You have asked me several times, who is better between you and Bai Qinghao?" A faint smile appeared on the corner of Fang Xinxin's lips, "I think about it now, you are fighting against Bai Qinghao, and I, like The toys you want to grab are the same."

"You are not a toy!" Bai Qinghao grabbed Fang Xinxin's slender waist domineeringly. She is more important than her own life!

Fang Xinxin smiled at him, still paying attention to Fang Shaohua, "Brother, you are a person who is unwilling to give up. In terms of your mood towards me, in a big way, you don't want to lose to Bai Qinghao, it is strong. Your self-esteem is at work. But, you have to understand that your behavior will hurt the person you really love. Hurry home and go to Jiamu. I called her and found that it was turned off. You made this big oolong, Even Jia Mu has misunderstood what we have, so quickly explain to her and get back your happiness!"

Fang Shaohua's pale handsome face was a little panicked, and rushed out of the hall door. He stopped at the door and said sincerely, "Xinxin, I'm sorry!"

After apologizing heavily, he ran out.

Fang Xinxin walked to the door and watched him drive away from the old house of the Bai family.

Bai Qinghao walked behind her, embraced her, and said coldly, "Didn't your elder brother really love you, disappointed?"

She looked back and glared at him, "Disappointment. Weak water is three thousand, this girl only drinks you. One you is enough to hold me to death!"

He laughed lowly and hugged her tightly, "Except for you, Bai Qinghao will never be able to tolerate other women in my eyes."

Liu Li quietly exited the hall, giving them a private space.

Bai Jingrou stood on the corner in the distance, and saw the figure embracing at the entrance of the hall, her beautiful face almost distorted with anger.

Why Fang Shaohua slept with Fang Xinxin, but was still safe and sound? Shouldn't she immediately roll down from Madam Bai's position!

Soon, Bai Qinghao borrowed Gao Ru's hand to send a text message to the woman who contacted her behind the scenes, saying that he had obtained evidence that Fang Shaohua had an affair with Fang Xinxin, but he had to give it to her in person.

The phone can't get through, and the text messages are like sinking into the sea.

The woman seemed to perceive the problem and did not dare to come out to meet Gao Ru. No more threats against Gao Ru's family.


Fang Shaohua returned to his house on the 20th floor of a certain building in Hongsheng Community and eagerly searched the house. Not only did he not find Sun Jiamu, but she also lost her clothes in the closet in the room.

Walked into the bathroom and found that she was missing even her sweater and toothbrush!