Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 733

Chapter 733:

She is a generous person, it is impossible to care about such small things.

This can only show that she wants to completely get out of his life and erase all traces that have appeared in his life!

On the table of the restaurant, a bunch of keys were conspicuously placed. They were the keys to his house and...the keys to the office of Huafeng Financial Company under his name.

A divorce agreement was still held under the key.

He glanced at the content, to the effect that the two were not in a relationship and she went out.

She has signed it, and as long as he signs it and gives it to the lawyer with the divorce agreement, the divorce can be handled on her behalf.

He immediately called the company, and the company's personnel department said that she had submitted her resignation letter for the second time and was not in the company.

"Get a divorce..." Sun Jiamu's words of indifferent more than giving up came into his mind.

"No..." Fang Shaohua clenched his fists, he did not divorce.

Xinxin is right, he has Jiamu in his heart!

He took out his cell phone and called Sun Jiamu, only to find that the phone was blocked.

I sent her a text message or WeChat and found that the message could not be sent at all.

She blacked him out!

Fang Shaohua immediately drove to the Sun's Villa in Qianshanwan of the Imperial Capital.

Sun Jiamu's father, Sun Zhiming, sat on the sofa in the living room and looked at Fang Shaohua coldly, "What are you doing?"

Judging from the dull complexion, Jiamu must have told the family about his affairs.

"You go," grandmother Wang Xinglin said angrily. "Come to my house to be an eye-catcher."

"Mom..." Fang Shaohua yelled for the first time, and then called to Sun Zhiming, "Dad, tell me where is Mu Mu? I have a misunderstanding with her, so I have to make it clear."

"We don't have a son-in-law like you." Sun Zhiming snorted coldly, "come, chase him away."

The servant immediately gave Fang Shaohua a please gesture, "Mr. Fang, please leave."

As usual, Fang Shaohua would definitely turn around and leave without saying anything.

He didn't even want to step into the Sun's door at all.

He looked for Jiamu everywhere, and no one knew about her.

At the school Jiamu attended, she had already practiced in her senior year, and she did not go to the job recommended by the school.

Except for her grandfather and grandmother, even Xinxin doesn't know where she has gone.

"Dad and Mom, it was my fault before, and I didn't treat Jiamu well." Fang Shaohua's Junya face flashed with regret, "I regret that I didn't cherish her well. You help me tell her, the divorce agreement, I will not sign Yes. I will wait for her and find her. Jia Mu is my Fang Shaohuas wife and will always be there!"

After that, he turned and left.

Sun Zhiming watched him leave, but he was actually a little moved. "Shaohua looks like a good boy. He has no father and no mother, and he is so good, but he has been in wronged prison. Lets change to an ordinary person. Become a successful rookie in the financial world."

"It's very good." Wang Xinglin was also soft-hearted, "I would rather demolish a temple than ruin a marriage. Let's persuade Jiamu to consider it again?"

"But, my daughter went out to relax, and we can't even contact her." Sun Zhiming frowned.

"Then wait until my daughter comes back." Wang Xinglin could only sigh.


Sun Jiamu said he was out to relax, but in fact he didn't go very far.

She rented a house with a yard in a countryside 200 kilometers away from the imperial capital. There are beautiful mountains and clear waters, and the villagers are honest. There are only more than 30 households in this village.

The house she rented is halfway up the mountain, and it only takes a short walk every day to go up to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise and sunset.