Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 734

Chapter 734:

Although there are not many households in the village at the foot of the mountain, there is a small shop where you can buy everything you need for daily life. It also sells a la carte and meat.

The landlord of the family she rented went to live in the big city of the imperial capital, so the vacant house in the countryside was rented to her.

The house is quite clean, the landlord only moved his clothes and all the furniture and facilities are complete. Jia Mu simply cleaned it and went to the canteen to buy things.

She walked on the asphalt road in the country, and villagers passing by greeted her from time to time.

"Girl, what about outsiders? Why are you in our village?" a grandma asked her.

"The house I just rented. I live in the house halfway up the mountain." She answered politely. I plan to stay here for a while, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and live a quiet life for a while. Therefore, it is also necessary to build a good relationship with the villagers.

"Oh, Li's house halfway up the mountain. All of their family members have gone to the imperial capital." The grandmother obviously understood her well, and then looked at her, "Girl, you really look good, are you married?"

Sun Jiamu nodded. I just didn't tell anyone that I was divorced.

"Are you married?" Granny was a little disappointed, "If you are unmarried, there are many single guys in our village, and I want to introduce you to a person. I'm Granny Liu, and I often match people."

She smiled politely, and met several villagers on the road, and they all had a brief chat.

When I arrived at the commissary, I found that the commissary was opened in a villager's house. It was a three-story western-style new building. There were neat shelves in a room on the first floor with large sliding windows.

There are various things for sale on the shelf.

Sun Jiamu stood in the yard hesitatingly, trying to buy something, but she was inconvenient to enter people's home without authorization.

A young male voice rang behind her, in the local dialect, "Excuse me, you are..."

Sun Jiamu turned around and saw that it was a tall, dark-skinned boy who was about twenty-three or four years old. His facial features were quite correct and handsome. He was wearing a vest with five-point jeans on his feet. It is a pair of blue flip-flops, which looks very easygoing.

Seeing that it was a raw face, the boy immediately switched to Mandarin and asked her, "Do you want to buy something?"

A pair of dark eyes looked at her, and found that she was very good-looking and well-built.

If her appearance is ranked among the ten mile and eight villages in their neighborhood, she would be one of the best.

"Yes." Sun Jiamu nodded, "I don't know when the commissary owner will come back?"

"I am." The boy first walked into the living room on the first floor, turned left and entered the room where the goods were sold, "Whatever you want to buy, just look at it."

Sun Jiamu went in, picked up a shopping basket in the corner, and took a pot of oil, a bag of salt, soy sauce, MSG, a bag of rice and other daily necessities on the shelf.

Together with shampoo and the like, two baskets full.

After checking out, she was struggling to walk up the mountain with two shopping bags.

"Where do you live?" the boy said, "I'll take it for you."

She glanced at him hesitantly.

"I'm Lin Haisheng." The boy said, "There is no malice, it's just that you are a girl who is struggling to carry such a heavy object, so I can do it a favor."

Sun Jiamu thought for a while, then nodded, "Thank you then."

The car is parked in the rented yard, and I regret that I didn't drive the car over, otherwise, I don't have to bother others.