Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 736

Chapter 736: Cut Off

Sighing, now that she knows that Jia Mu is safe, she can't care more now.

According to the memory of her previous life, Bai Jingrou rescued Bai Qinghao's biological mother Ye Yunzhi today, and her position in the Bai family has since been changed.

She didn't care much about the Bai family in her previous life, nor was she very clear about how to save it.

Afterwards, I heard someone say that it was a falling object from a high altitude. Bai Jingrou rushed to push Ye Yunzhi away. Her own foot was injured and she got the care of her parents.

Fang Xinxin stood in the courtyard and saw Bai Jingrou still on the balcony on the second floor of the quiet residence.

In other words, saving lives has not happened yet.

But seeing her in a white dress, with her hair crossed and her makeup done, Yomo is about to go out soon.

Fang Xinxin specially wears similar styles of clothes with Bai Jingrou today, and also has haircut.

The occasional occurrence of falling objects from a height is indeed a distressing problem.

However, when the falling object was about to hit Ye Yunzhi, Bai Jingrou happened to be rescued.

She thinks this is a round.

Dressing up with Bai Jingrou may be able to "cut Hu".

Fang Xinxin found Ye Yunzhi's phone number from the address book and dialed it.

Ye Yunzhi heard a somewhat excited voice from the other end, "Xinxin, why do you think of calling mom?"

The loving middle-aged female voice made Fang Xinxin somewhat dazed.

Her biological mother Fang Lilan also had such a gentle and loving tone during her lifetime.

"Mom, I just miss you." She suddenly said sadly. Missing his biological mother, Qing Hao's mother, isn't she also her mother?

Ye Yunzhi was taken aback there, and said moved, "Its bad mom, I ignored you during this time. You married Qinghao not long ago, but I was actually afraid of disturbing you two. Lets go, mom is shopping here at China World Trade Center. Buy clothes. I'll buy you some clothes too. Are you free to come over?"

Fang Xinxin just wanted to ask where she was, and the other party took the initiative to say it, but it couldn't be better, "I'll be here right away, in twenty minutes."

"Then I will wait for you at the front entrance of the China World Trade Center."

"Okay." Xinxin hung up the phone and saw Bai Jingrou just driving out.

She immediately drove the car herself, kicked the gas pedal, and drove out of the Bai family compound.

Bai Jingrou watched Fang Xinxin drive away in a hurry, and even the car **** was gone for a second or two. The **** usually doesn't let the driver Tong Yu drive on his behalf. He is very stylish, and now he drives himself.

"Hurry up and reincarnate!" sipped. There was a calculation in Bai Jingrou's eyes. After a while, she would become Ye Yunzhi's lifesaver, and at that time, she would be able to step on the bastard.

At the entrance of the China World Trade Center, Fang Xinxin parked his car directly in the parking space on the side of the road, and saw Ye Yunzhi carrying a shopping bag in her hand and beckoning to her.

Fang Xinxin immediately watched the road and ran over.

Suddenly, a flower pot fell in midair, and Ye Yunzhi was about to hit.

"Mom, be careful!" Fang Xinxin yelled, and rushed towards Ye Yunzhi. The two fell to the ground, and the porcelain flowerpot happened to hit beside them.

With a "bang", there was a cracking sound of a huge porcelain basin hitting the ground.

"Ah!" passers-by screamed in shock.

Fang Xinxin looked at Ye Yunzhi's condition pale, "Mom, are you okay?"

Ye Yunzhi was still in shock. For her daughter-in-law to save her life regardless of her own safety, she was the first to care about her, and she was deeply moved, "Xinxin, are you hurting somewhere?"