Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 737

Chapter 737:

Fang Xinxin just wanted to stand up, but found that her ankle hurts, "I twisted my ankle..."

"Mum, take a look, does it matter?" Ye Yunzhi squatted down to help her check her foot injury.

"Mom, let's go to safety under the eaves first." Fang Xinxin walked under the eaves of the building with Ye Yunzhi's help.

Some passers-by have come to ask for concern, "Are you hurt?"

"I don't know which wicked ghost is, how to throw the flowerpot down, if it hits someone, it will definitely kill someone!" A passerby aunt filled the eagle with outrage.

"No. This lady, you are so fate." Another old man pointed to Xinxin and said, "If she didn't save you, you would be dead."

"Uncle, she is my mother. Even if I replace her with my life, it is all right." Fang Xinxin said. In fact, apart from Bai Qinghao worthy of her life, no one else was possible.

Pretty things, who can't say?

Ye Yunzhi said, "She is my daughter-in-law."

"Such a good daughter-in-law is rare now. You must treat her well." Everyone persuaded.

"That's that." Ye Yunzhi nodded repeatedly.

"To check the monitoring, you must find out who dropped the flowerpot. It's too much!" Passers-by expressed their opinions.

At this time, a middle-aged man hurriedly ran out of the building, and kept apologizing to Ye Yunzhi and Fang Xinxin, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Just now I quarreled with my friend, and when I got angry, I threw down a pot of flowers planted at home. I regret it by throwing it away. I'm really sorry!"

This building is a commercial and residential building. The five floors below are commercial areas and the ten floors above are residents.

Fang Xinxin angered, "Uncle, you are too much! What if you kill someone?"

"I'm really sorry!" The middle-aged man kept apologizing, seeing that her foot was injured, "Does your foot matter? Go to the hospital quickly."

"If there is anything wrong with my daughter-in-law..." Ye Yunzhi was so angry, "You just wait to resist!"

"I'm sorry..." The middle-aged man apologized very sincerely.

Fang Xinxin glanced at the middle-aged man, with a thin face, deep sunken eye sockets, high cheekbones, and her skin dull and dull like a layer of gray, and she had a forbearance.

It's not like the kind of people who are impulsive enough to throw things downstairs, but this kind of person should be very sensible.

"Which floor do you live upstairs? What is it?" Fang Xinxin asked calmly, "Leave your name, phone number and contact information."

"Why are you asking so clearly?" A trace of alert flashed in the middle-aged man's eyes.

Fang Xinxin pointed to her foot injury, "Just now the flowerpot was smashed down, and I sprained my foot when I pushed my mom away. Of course, I have to leave your contact information for compensation. Do you want to rely on it? account?"

In fact, with her generous net worth, she doesn't care about this compensation.

I think this man is not easy, it is best to find out that Bai Jingrou is instructing behind.

The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment before he said, "I am the resident of 606 upstairs. My name is Guan Jiping. The telephone number is *****. I will call you how much medical expenses will be at that time. I have something else to do. , I wont accompany you to the hospital."

Fang Xinxin didn't embarrass him anymore.

"Xinxin, let's go to the hospital." Ye Yunzhi helped her get into the car, and she drove towards the hospital.

Bai Jingrou's car drove across the road at some point and saw this scene.