Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Fat To Death

After a pause, she said, "She should be telling you that she didn't eat well at Fang's house and lived badly, right? Qinghao, you see, our Xinxin is really too fat, she has always eaten More, use more. If she gets so fat, I'm afraid she will have problems with her body. Therefore, I want her to lose weight and eat less. If she doesn't give her pocket money, she is afraid that she will buy and eat. She has always been a foodie, I guess She was dissatisfied in her heart. She came to the Imperial Court to live there. With the style of the Imperial Court, the food and accommodation are of course better than the Fang's. I don't know how many times better. Xinxin must be attracted by the wealth and wealth of the Imperial Court.

After turning over the words, it not only showed the reasons for treating Fang Xinxin harshly in Fang's house, but also to help her. On the other hand, it also pointed out that Fang Xinxin was greedy for Bai Qinghao's power.

In the previous life, Fang Xinxin faced her mother's remarks, that she really believed that she was doing her own good and helping herself lose weight.

Thinking that her mother said she was greedy for the glory and wealth of the royal court, it was just unintentional.

Now, looking at her mother's loving face, why does Fang Xinxin think she is so hypocritical?

"Mom, when did you say you made me lose weight?" Fang Xinxin asked coldly, "These years, you have always said that I am thin, and that thin people are very ugly." Compared to his own figure, "Look at me, before It weighed one hundred and eighty seven kilograms. It was already severely overweight. You said that I was too skinny and I should eat more. I eat less, and you are not happy. If you force me to choke, you have to choke. You mean, what did your words mean to make me lose weight over the years?"

Fang Manxue didn't expect that Fang Xinxin, who had always been cowardly, exposed her lie to her face, embarrassed.

In the past, didn't Fang Xinxin always keep her head down and silent no matter what, even if she was wronged or wronged? It's the opposite!

Fang Xinxin was never a fool, she used to care too much about her mother.

As a result, no matter what the mother treats her, she is left alone. But Fang Lilan did what his mother did?

Bai Qinghao raised his eyebrows, and his cold eyes shot at Fang Lilan like an X-ray machine, "Do you want Fang Xinxin to be fat?"

This is not a joke.

According to Fang Xinxin's words, Fang Lilan really wanted Fang Xinxin to be fat to death, and to die of obesity.

Anger rose from the bottom of his heart.

The temperature in the lobby of the entire villa seemed to drop several degrees.

Fang Lilan was only given a glance, and the whole person was as if frozen, shivering with horror, "Commander, look at what you said, why would I want Xinxin to die? I usually work in the company too busy, maybe sometimes The words do not express the meaning. Mothers always hope that their children will be fatter and rounder, and look blessed. It is Xinxin who has become so fat by herself, and can become so fat. The side also shows that the Fang family absolutely did not treat Xinxin wrongly. You say yes, daughter?"

Fang Xinxin was given a kind and warning look.

"Some things, facts speak louder than words." Fang Xinxin's lips curled up coldly.

With her now so fat, it is true that the ghost believes that the Fang family will treat her badly.

It's not that she doesn't expose it now, but that Bai Qinghao needs to see with her own eyes how the Fang family made her fat.

As for the mother who said she was greedy for Bai Qinghao's wealth...

Slowly, he will know.

She Fang Xinxin doesn't care about his external objects, loving him in this life will be like loving her own life.

Bai Qinghao looked thoughtful.