Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 740

Chapter 740:

The viscera beside his heart had been injured. She was always angry with him in the previous life, so that his emotions were so intense that he lost control several times, and his heart almost broke.

Fortunately, in this life, she woke up, cherished his feelings, and didn't get angry with him.

And his physical condition looks pretty good now.

After she became blind, the Bai family asked him to divorce her. He doesn't listen to anyone at all.

On the contrary, those who persuaded him to divorce were unlucky.

Like the trajectory in his memory, Bai Hong's decision-making on business affairs requires Bai Qinghao's opinion.

An hour later, Bai Qinghao stared at her and asked her to take a good rest and left the old house of the Bai family.

Fang Xinxin sat alone on the bench and glanced at the time on the phone screen.

In the last life, in a few minutes, she would go back to the room, and after returning to the room, she was knocked out from behind.

In a daze, something was applied to her eyes, and she woke up in the burning pain of her eyes and went blind. Live in darkness to death.

In this life, she will never repeat the same track.

Standing up, Fang Xinxin walked slowly from the courtyard into the main building of the old house, stepped up the stairs, and walked into the room slowly.

A maid quickly followed her into the room, holding the ball high in her hand, and hit Fang Xinxin with her head.

Unexpectedly, Fang Xinxin seemed to have eyes long behind and took a step sideways. The man hit a hole, and because of the unstable center of gravity, he leaned forward a step.

Fang Xinxin saw clearly that the person who attacked her was the maid.

This servant is now specially serving the old lady. Was transferred to work in the Royal Court before.

After the maid Ji Qing hit the air, she swung over at her with a stick again, shouting, "Bitch, I want your life!"

Fang Xinxin stood still, now she is too lazy to take action with such a person.

Liu Li, the bodyguard who had hidden behind the door beforehand, kicked Ji Qing away.

Ji Qing's body was like a kite with a broken line flying a few meters away, hitting the wall, and falling to the ground again.

"Ah!" she screamed violently and vomited a mouthful of blood.

"Say, who sent you to attack Mrs. Young, what do you want to do to Mrs. Young!" Liu Li walked over and stepped on her back.

Fang Xinxin watched this scene blankly. With deep emotion in my heart.

In fact, in the previous life, Bai Qinghao sent Liu Li to protect her, but she hated him to death in the first place, how could she accept his kindness?

At that time, she blasted Liu Li away and gave Ji Qing the opportunity.

At that time, after she was blind, Bai Qinghao was afraid that she would suffer a loss, so she asked a top coach to teach her boxing skills. As a result, she was a blind man who did very well.

Plus she will have supernatural powers. Now she has to deal with a maid, it couldn't be easier.

Its just that when its not necessary, Im too lazy.

So, she directed Liu Li to hide and do it.

"Just like Fang Xinxin, who specializes in bewitching young masters, shows affection in the yard every day, and still needs someone to deal with her?" Ji Qing laughed sarcastically, "I just want to beat her and teach her a lesson."

Fang Xinxin caressed her forehead, "I didn't tell you what happened to my husband in our yard. Hook my own husband, you call me a vixen." His eyebrows winked, "Don't think I don't know, look at Bai Qinghao His eyes flashed green. You want Bai Qinghao to take you for 120,000 points, right?"

Ji Qing's expression suddenly became fierce, "Before, the young master clearly said that I was smart and capable, and he sent me to work at the Imperial Court. The young master liked me. If you hadn't been a troublemaker, I would have followed the young master!"