Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 746

Chapter 746:

[Also use your words, check it out quickly. ] Fang Xinxin urged.

There was a graphic gesture of "OK".

Fang Xinxin visited her father in the 38th floor ward of Jaya Hospital in the evening.

Sitting on the side of the hospital bed, looking at her father who was not awake on the bed, she sighed, "Dad, you have been lying down for almost five years, don't know when you can wake up?"

Naturally, Long Yifan, the vegetable man on the bed, could not respond to her.

"It's okay, even if you keep going like this, as long as you are alive and let me have a blood relative in this world, I am also satisfied." Knowing that her father could not answer her, she still talked to him for a while.

A female nurse came in and helped Long Yifan change the nutrient solution in the bottle.

Vegetative people cannot eat and rely on nutrient solutions to maintain their lives.

Fang Xinxin glanced at her, even if the other party was wearing a mask, from the eyes, eyelashes, and bangs, she was a strange nurse. Seeing her breastplate read: Li Jie.

"Where is Liang Zhen, the nurse who used to take care of my dad?" Fang Xinxin asked casually.

The nurse named Li Jie said regretfully, "She went out to travel to climb the mountain, accidentally fell off the mountain and passed away. I was newly sent from the hospital to take care of Mr. Long Yifan."

Fang Xinxin frowned.

Liang Zhen climbed a mountain and fell to death? Just after Sister Qiu died, she died too.

Do you want to be so coincidental?

For some reason, Fang Xinxin always felt that Liang Zhen's death could not be separated from Bai Jingrou.


One is Qiu Sao, the former maid of Fang's Villa, and the other is the nurse who takes care of her father. Is there any connection between the two?

Fang Xinxin asked Aaron to investigate the details of the two, and found that their backgrounds, ages, etc. had nothing in common.

The only thing in common is that they have both served Fang's family.

Liang Zhen took care of her father Long Yifan, and Qiu's wife had access to everyone in the Fang family.

The death of these two people must be to cover up a certain secret. And it's a secret related to Fang's family.

Fang Xinxin couldn't think of anything for a while.


Looking at his father on the hospital bed, Fang Xinxin suddenly felt a little more worried.

The nurse taking care of her father could have trouble, and she was afraid that her father would also be in danger.

So she called Bai Qinghao, "Husband, can you send a doctor to secretly check the safety of all the items used by my father, including medicines?"

Bai Qinghao, who was on a business trip, didn't even ask the reason, realized what, and immediately said, "I will arrange for Dr. Shi Qian to do a special check. And strengthen the security of Dad's ward."

Since his marriage, he has called Long Yifan his father.

"Thank you, husband." Fang Xinxin thanked him sincerely.

"We are a husband and wife, what are you polite." Bai Qinghao's cold voice has a hint of worry, "Wife, have you noticed something?"

"I always feel that someone will harm my dad."

"I assure you that no one can harm him."

"Yeah." She nodded moved. His promise has never gone wrong.

After hanging up the phone, she remembered that Grandpa Long Jingyuan had not reported her safety today.

Since she told Grandpa Long that he would die, she asked him to send her a message or make a phone call every day.

News came at about this time every day, but there was no news now, so I called Long Jingyuan.

Unexpectedly, five or six times, there were dozens of sounds and no one answered.

A bad premonition rose from the bottom of her heart.