Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 748

Chapter 748:

Fang Xinxin entered the door aggressively with a ticket of bodyguards. She saw Long Jingyuan who was covered with blood on the bed, her face pale as if she was dead.

Suddenly he was so nervous that his heartbeat almost came out of his throat.

Inexplicably, even though he didn't interact much with Long Jingyuan, he was very afraid of his sudden death.

As if he died, she would lose a vital person. Strongly uneasy about being unclear.

He walked quickly to the bed, pushed Bai Jingrou away, and probed Long Jingyuan's breath, and found that he still had a breath.

He breathed a sigh of relief and stared at Bai Jingrou, "You murdered Chairman Long?"

Bai Jingrou angrily accused, "Fang Xinxin, you are talking nonsense. Long Jingyuan is my grandfather, my only relative, how could he murder him?"

"I heard Grandpa yelling in the room. When I ran into the room, I saw a man stunned Grandpa with a vase and was about to stabb him with a knife. It was my shouting that scared him away and wanted to kill Grandpa. People." Bai Jingrou pointed to the open window, "Look, that person jumped out of the window and ran away. I saved my grandfather."

Fang Xinxin didnt listen to her nonsense at all, looking at Long Jingyuans forehead wound that was still bleeding outwards, she immediately took out the hemostatic medicine and bandage from her bag, applied the medicine to his wound, and the blood finally stopped bleeding. .

This time is an eventful period, so she has simple hemostatic medicines with her.

"Send Long Jingyuan to Jaya Hospital for emergency treatment immediately!" Fang Xinxin ordered briefly.

"Yes." The bodyguard immediately picked up Long Jingyuan on the bed to take him away.

Bai Jingrou shouted angrily, "Hold on, Fang Xinxin, why are you taking my grandfather? I'll take him to the hospital!"

However, she was blocked by a group of bodyguards, and she could only watch Long Jingyuan being carried out of the room.

"Come, come!" Bai Jingrou shouted loudly.

No one answered, she walked to the lobby on the first floor, only to find that a group of servants were lying on the ground with swollen noses and howling pain.

Obviously, Fang Xinxin's bodyguard beat him.

Of course, the servants of the Long family can't compete with the well-trained bodyguards of the Bai family.

However, the bodyguard invited by Mr. Long could stop him.

Starting two months ago, Long Jingyuan didn't know what he was smoking, and hired fifty bodyguards to take charge of his safety.

Long Jingyuan's diet has been tried by a special person, and he only eats non-toxic.

Even her pro-granddaughter has bodyguards by her side whenever she wants to approach him.

So she wanted to kill him, but she didn't have a chance to start.

Bai Jingrou is so smart, how could she not know that Long Jingyuan was defensive and even suspicious of her.

Therefore, she had to wait secretly for the opportunity.

Although Long Jingyuan has strong willpower, she can't be hypnotized.

Fortunately, the old thing is an old thing after all. He is sick, and when a person is sick and fragile, he is confused and hypnotized by her.

Long Jingyuan, who was hypnotized, ordered the long family bodyguards who had not left for a while to be removed.

Originally, she wanted Long Jingyuan to get out of the car and killed him in a car accident.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she called, she heard Long Jingyuan say with a sad expression, "Jingrou, it turns out that you really want to kill me!"

She saw Long Jingyuan's eyes, who had been unconscious on the hospital bed, regained clarity.

People with too strong willpower will soon wake up even if they are manipulated by the hypnosis drill. It seems that Long Jingyuan is such a person.

She was so frightened that the phone dropped to the ground, she immediately knelt down, tears down, "Grandpa, I was wrong! I shouldn't be fooled by money. I am your only granddaughter, your only relative in the world, you let go I!"