Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 749

Chapter 749:

A trace of complexity flashed in Long Jingyuan's Cangmai's old eyes. While hesitating, Bai Jingrou picked up the vase on the table and slammed it directly on his head.

With a sound of broken porcelain, a hole broke in Long Jingyuan's forehead.

Since it has revealed the desire to kill him. Bai Jingrou decided to send him to the West in person, after all, it was the only chance to kill him.

As long as Long Jingyuan is dead, he is a lonely family, and Long's centuries-old heritage is not hers?

As for how he died, Bai Jingrou didn't have the final say?

How can I know the good thing that Fang Xinxin was a **** who disturbed her!

Only now, I only hope that Long Jingyuan will die. Otherwise, if he wakes up, she will be over!

Bai Jingrou hurriedly drove behind Fang Xinxin's motorcade and went to Jaya Hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Long Jingyuan was immediately sent to the operating room for rescue.

Fang Xinxin stood at the entrance of the operating room in the corridor, feeling anxious and uneasy.

Bai Jingrou also ran to her and waited nervously, "God, must I bless my grandfather?" She clasped her hands and prayed to the heavens with tears streaming down her face.

A doctor came out of the operating room and first nodded to Fang Xinxin. Seeing Bai Jingrou's sad look, he said anxiously, "Miss Bai, your grandfather has lost too much blood. His blood type is extremely rare. He is RH-negative and type B blood. Also known as'panda blood'. For every 3 million people who donate blood, there are only 3,300 people with Rh-negative blood type at most. Moreover, the RH-negative blood type is also divided into RB Yin A, RH Yin B, etc., which is even rarer Our hospital does not have this kind of blood stock. Miss Bai, you are the granddaughter of Chairman Long. You have the same blood type as Chairman Long. What is your blood type?"

Bai Jingrou looked regretful, "I have blood type O. My blood type followed my biological mother."

"Then you have to quickly appeal to the general public to come to the hospital to donate blood to Chairman Long." The doctor frowned. "Chairman Long's life is at stake. I'm afraid I can't wait for ten minutes..."

Bai Jingrou's best Long Jingyuan died like this. I don't want him to wait until someone comes to donate blood.

Fang Xinxin suddenly said, "Doctor, I have RH Yin B blood type."

The doctor was surprised for a moment, and immediately gave her a please gesture, "Madam Bai, please come with me."

The hospital was opened by the Shengshi Group under Bai Qinghao's name, and the doctors naturally knew her.

After an emergency test of Fang Xinxin's blood type, he performed an emergency blood transfusion to Long Jingyuan.

Bai Jingrou's heart kept sinking, not knowing whether she was too worried or nervous, her beautiful and calm face turned pale.

After a while, the doctor came out of the operating room again, and Bai Jingrou hurriedly greeted him, "Doctor, how is my grandpa?"

"The surgical debridement sutured the wound on his forehead. Mrs. Bai Shao gave him a blood transfusion in time. Chairman Long's life was saved, but he was seriously injured. It is estimated that it will take three to five days to wake up."

Bai Jingrou seemed to be so happy that she stumbled, but she was actually too scared to stand still.

Old man Long was not dead, not dead!

"Too...too good" Jing Rou was so happy that she almost wanted to cry.

"Doctor, before Chairman Long wakes up, let him be in the intensive care unit, and no one can be approached." Fang Xinxin said blankly.

"Yes." The doctor went to execute immediately. Because Bai Qinghao had given orders, Mrs. Bai Shao's instructions could only be followed.

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