Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 752

Chapter 752:

Fang Xinxin saw this and said, "Since Bai Jingrou made such a heavy oath, don't shut her down."

Bai Chongshan was hesitating. Hearing the words, he nodded, "Okay. Anyway, Old Man Long will wake up in three to five days. When he wakes up, it is clear whether Jingrou murdered him." The old man He glanced at Bai Jingrou, "Believe you for the time being, you should stay with Old Man Long. After all, he is your only blood relative in the world."

"Thank you Grandpa!" Bai Jingrou kowtoed to the ground with excitement.

Bai Chongshan said with a calm face, "If you want to thank you, thank your cousin. She helped you talk about it, and I also listen to her."

Bai Jingrou gave Fang Xinxin a grateful smile, "Thank you, cousin."

She said so, but she sneered in her heart. After all, Fang Xinxin was a woman's benevolent waste. This softheartedness was enough to send her to the **** that will never be restored.

How could Fang Xinxin not know that Bai Jingrou must have made a black calculation again. Locking her up makes it inconvenient for this guy to do evil.

Long Jingyuan only needs three to five days to wake up, and Bai Jingrou will definitely not let him wake up, and will jump the wall in a hurry within these three to five days.

Preparing to catch her handle.

Bai Chongshan went to guard at the entrance of the intensive care unit for a while, and then left with his eldest daughter-in-law Huang Zhishu.

Fang Xinxin looked at Long Jingyuan, who was lying on the bed in the intensive care unit, through the glass wall. He was wearing an oxygen mask on his face and a medical suit on his body. His wrinkled face was not a trace of blood, but he was very thin. It looks like it will die at any time.

Thinking of Long Jingyuan alone and alone, I feel that he is really pitiful.

His only granddaughter, Bai Jingrou, still wants to kill him, and this behavior is unworthy.

Bai Jingrou stood a few meters away from Fang Xinxin, her anxious expression on her face was obviously easy to see, "Woo...I don't know when my grandpa will wake up? I really want him to wake up soon."

This seems to be a filial granddaughter.

Fang Xinxin curled her lips without saying a word.

Bai Chenxi, who also left, comforted and said, "Sister, don't worry, Chairman Long will be fine."

"Yeah." Bai Jingrou nodded pitifully. In my heart, Long Jingyuan could not die immediately, immediately!

Bai Chenxi looked at Fang Xinxin with a seemingly elegant gaze, her face was full of distress, "Xinxin, it's midnight, you are tired too. I will guard the chairman Long, you go to sleep."

"You don't need to be troublesome." Fang Xinxin was expressionless.

I don't know why, she just can't worry about Long Jingyuan. It is not only thanks to him for giving 10% of the 8 billion shares of Longshi Group.

A faint distress lingered in her heart.

It was as if Long Jingyuan was her closest relative, there was a kind of anxiety and anxiety for fear of losing loved ones.

"Then I will accompany you too." Bai Chenxi showed a gentle smile at her and walked two steps closer to her.

Fang Xinxin stopped him, "Keep at least five steps away."

"Why?" Chen Xi puzzled.

"Because you look abominable."

"..." Bai Chenxi's handsome face has always been able to coax a woman to death without paying for her life, but she has repeatedly hit a wall here in Fang Xinxin. Now, he really knew that Fang Xinxin, a woman, had changed her heart and no longer loved him!

Anger, depression, anger, and even an urge to destroy Fang Xinxin.

However, he has no such ability for the time being.


He glanced at Bai Jingrou who was sitting on the bench in the hospital corridor.

With her sister's ability, I'm afraid Fang Xinxin would not even know how to die soon!