Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 753

Chapter 753:

At three in the middle of the night, Bai Jingrou yawned frequently, her eyelids were so sleepy that she could hardly open her eyes, so the other party Xinxin said, "Cousin, I am really tired. Go to a nearby hotel to open a room and rest for a while. You should also rest earlier. Right."

He glanced at the two Bai family bodyguards who were guarding the outside of the ward. "There are people from the Bai family who guard at the door of the ward. Grandpas safety must be infallible. Dont blame me for not being able to keep it. Grandpa will love me too. I will come back tomorrow morning."

For fear of ruining her body, Bai Jingrou's reason for going to bed is a high-sounding reason.

In fact, Fang Xinxin knew that Bai Jingrou's hypnotism was very exhausting.

She can only perform more effectively when she is in good spirits and in the best state, so she can't be too tired.

Bai Chenxi also wanted to know what countermeasures her sister had, so she also left.

After the two left, Fang Xinxin sent a message to Aaron, "Just like Long Jingyuan, get a high-imitation exquisite human skin mask."

Some masks are much more delicate than the movie props. If you don't look carefully, they can be fake.

This intensive care unit is no longer safe for Long Jingyuan.

It is necessary to take measures in advance.

Aaron responded with an "OK" gesture.

Fang Xinxin ordered the bodyguards, and after notifying her before Bai Jingrou went to the hospital again, she entered another VIP ward where Long Yifan lived on the same floor.

There are two beds in the VIP ward, one of them is Long Yifan, and the other empty bed is when she sometimes sleeps in the hospital.

She also has to sleep, because of her supernatural powers, she can only maintain the best results when she is in a good state of mind.

Sitting on the side of his father Long Yifan's hospital bed, Fang Xinxin stretched out his hand to help him twist the quilt, looking at his thin face, suddenly thought of Long Jingyuan.

I remember that when I first met Long Jingyuan in the Bai family, she felt a very familiar feeling, but she couldn't remember why it was so.

Now I understand that the charms of father Long Yifan and Long Jingyuan are sometimes very similar.

How can two unrelated people look like?

"Dad, my mother and I are surnamed Fang, and your surname is Long. Isn't your mother surnamed Long?" Fang Xinxin remembers asking her father this way when she was young.

The father was not angry with her at all. Instead, he hugged her and said seriously, "My dear daughter, I followed my fathers surname. My father, your grandfather, once said that the ancestors surname must not be changed. So, my father's name is Long."

"But, I don't give your last name, some people will laugh at you."

"For your mother, it's nothing to be laughed at. Besides, no matter who you are named after, you are father's blood and father's little baby."

"That dad is my big baby too!" she replied in a childish voice.

"Xinxin is so good!" Long Yifan couldn't help kissing her little cheek a few times.

Fang Xinxin recovered from her memories. Looking at her father lying on the hospital bed, she felt a little sad and murmured her lips, "Dad, I don't know when you will wake up? My daughter regrets that she didn't show her filial piety before. I hope you can wake up and let me be filial to you. I want to hear you call me baby again."

The little finger of Long Yifan's right hand trembled slightly, but Fang Xinxin didn't see it because his hand was under the quilt.