Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 761

Chapter 761:

In other words, if the three members of Bai Jingrou's family only made such innocuous little mistakes, the parents of Bai Jingrou could actually tolerate it.

Before this matter was handed over to Bai Chongshan, Bai Qinghao did not handle it.

Fang Xinxin also endured not delving into this matter. Because what she wants is not Bai Jingrou's little mistake, but to let her never turn back, so that Bai's parents are not willing to protect her anymore!

Now it seems that Bai Jingrou can't wait for more things to do, and she must be dealt with in advance.

Staring at Bai Qinghao's stern face.

A ray of guilt suddenly filled her heart, "I'm sorry!"

He picked up his thick black eyebrows, his face like a chisel filled with distress, "Why apologize?"

"In this life, I should give you more trust." She shouldn't be entangled in the misunderstandings of the previous life.

Perhaps, it is more because she actually loved him once, so she has always been worried about the misunderstanding that was not explained.

"Speaking as if we didn't have trust in our previous life." Bai Qinghao fondly stroked her hair.

She stiffened, "You know we have a past life?"

He shook his head, his cold words were full of firmness, "I only know that whether it is a past life, this life, or the next life, I will always love you and spoil you!"

She asked tentatively, "What about...trust?"

"As long as you say, I believe it."

Fang Xinxin burst into tears.

She just wanted to understand now that it turned out that Bai Qinghao was shot in her previous life, and he didn't ask her why she killed him later.

It was not because of a misunderstanding that she hated him and murdered him deliberately.

It was because I believed the phrase "I don't want to..."

He kissed away the tears on her face with distress, his cold face was full of anxiety, "Wife, what's the matter?"

"I cried stupidly by myself." Her tears fell more fiercely.

In this life she can't let herself shoot him again.

No longer give Bai Jingrou a chance to hypnotize her. It turned out to be as simple as removing the knot, just trust him more and more.

"How can you be stupid?" He restrained her with one hand, raised her chin with one hand, and pressed a kiss on her lips with pity, "If you are stupid, I still love you."

"Husband..." She swears that she won't doubt him anymore.

However, she will have supernatural powers, let him find out slowly in the future. He didn't ask, maybe he could surprise him in the future.

He hugged her deeply, as if he had received the most cherished treasure in the world.

After a while, Bai Chongshan and Bai Qinghao's parents, Bai Hong, and Ye Yunzhi and his wife, Huang Zhishu and Bai Chenxi, came to the Imperial Court together.

Of course they were all here to visit Bai Qinghao, and at the same time, the other party was greeted with warmth.

Seeing that Bai Qinghao gave the order to chase off the guests, Huang Zhishu was hesitant to say something, "Qinghao, auntie wants to ask you something..."

He glanced at her with deep blade-like eyes, his eyes shot through her like X-rays.

That kind of cold and dangerous aura makes the people present involuntarily chill in their backs.

Huang Zhishu was so frightened that she changed her words immediately, "My aunt wants something...please."

"Say." There was no emotional ups and downs in the icy male voice.

"Jing Rou went to the hospital to visit her grandfather Long Jingyuan and was caught by your people." Huang Zhishu said nervously, "I don't know what she did wrong? Can you let her go?"