Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 763

Chapter 763:

"That's okay." Bai Chenxi curled her lips, "Long Jingyuan has his old bones, he can't kill his only granddaughter in the world, right?"

"I'm afraid that Jingrou's identity will be exposed..."

"Therefore, I hope Jingrou can be smarter and admit that it was for the sake of wealth to start the old man Long. This way, there is a clear motive. People will not guess that she is a fake Long family bloodline."

"Your sister is so smart, she can definitely think of it." Zhishu is not worried about this.

A touch of unwillingness rose in Bai Chenxi's eyes, "Take ten thousand steps back, if Jingrou is really planted this time..."

Huang Zhishu nodded, "Mom knows what to do."


In the early morning two days later, in one of the critically ill rooms on the 30th floor of Jaya Hospital, Long Jingyuan, who was lying on the bed, opened Mai Cang's eyes.

The sight of the yellowed eyes became clear from the mist, and at first sight Fang Xinxin was guarding by the bed.

"Xinxin girl..." Long Jingyuan moved his lips dumbly.

Fang Xinxin saw that he was awake, with a happy color on his beautiful face, and hurriedly pressed the button above the bed to call the doctor.

The doctor Shi Qian hurried over and checked Long Jingyuan. He said that he was okay and he confessed that he left the ward.

"Water..." Long Jingyuan's throat was very thirsty.

Fang Xinxin hurriedly poured him a cup of warm water in a hot water bottle, helped him sit up, put a pillow on his back intimately, and fed him slowly.

After Long Jingyuan drank the water, she felt more comfortable. Looking at the shadow of her eye sockets, it was obvious that she hadn't slept well for a long time, "Girl, Grandpa Long made you worry."

She shook her head, "It's okay if you are fine." Looking at his still bandaged head, "How come you were seriously injured, who did it?"

Long Jingyuan pursed his lips and said nothing, a heavy face appeared on the old face.

"Bai Jingrou hurt you with the vase, right?" Her tone was positive.

Long Jingyuan's tone suddenly added a pleading, "Girl, can you not investigate this matter?"

The implication is obviously to admit that he was hurt by Bai Jingrou.

"Why?" Although she could guess his thoughts, she still asked, "Don't you know, if I didn't arrive in time this time, you would have died in Bai Jingrou's hands."

Long Jingyuan suddenly sighed heavily, "After all, Jingrou is my only relative in the world. Back then, I mistakenly drove her father Long Xuan out of the house, and I regretted it very much. I am the loess that has been buried in my neck. If I die, Jingrou can inherit the great cause of the Long family with peace of mind. Then, I will live a few days less... its nothing."

Fang Xinxin was suddenly moved, and she was just an old man who desperately yearned for family affection.

Even for the sake of family love, he was willing to let go of a murderer.

"If Bai Jingrou, isn't it your granddaughter?" Her voice was very soft.

A gleam of doubt flashed in Long Jingyuans eyes, and her voice was stern, "This is impossible. Jing Rou took her fathers hair before her death to do a paternity test with me. Her father is indeed my son Long Xuan. And she There is also a medical ancestor-grandchild blood relationship between her hair and me. It is impossible to make mistakes in the identification. I personally supervise it, and there will be no mistakes in the package."

"The appraisal result is indeed correct." Fang Xinxin nodded, "Can you tell me why you drove your third son Long Xuan out of the house back then?"

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