Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 764

Chapter 764:

Long Jingyuan recalled the distant memory of that year, and the old Cangsangs voice was full of sadness, "That was all twenty years ago. My third son, Long Xuan, met a woman at the time, and that woman was selfish. , I want my son Long Xuan to go to her house. She is something, low-level, low-family, I was so angry at that time, I kept Long Xuan for a few days and nights, beat him up, he still wanted to talk to the woman Together."

Fang Xinxin didn't say anything, and listened quietly.

"I talked to that woman and wanted to give her a sum of money to get her to leave Long Xuan, but she refused. I think she has taken a fancy to the identity of the third youngest of Xuan'er Long's family, and she wants much more than that sum of money. "Long Jingyuan was both angry and sad," Then, in order to let Xuan'er see her true face, I gave Xuan'er two choices. One is to stay in Long's house and break up with that woman. Second, if If you want to be with that woman, you will get out of the Long Family. Since then, you will have nothing to do with the Long Family, and you will no longer be called the Third Young Master of the Long Family."

He sighed heavily, "I originally wanted to scare Xuan'er. Unexpectedly, he chose the latter without hesitation. I didn't expect that he would never hear from him."

As he said, Long Jingyuan was in tears, "Actually, after so many years, I went from the initial anger, sadness, to worry...I regretted it. But he didn't come back when he searched for him in the newspaper. Unexpectedly, Jing Rou finally What brought him was the news of his death. In fact, if he can't survive outside, and come back to Long's house, I will forgive him."

Fang Xinxin drew two tissues from the drawer on the bedside table and handed it to him, "Grandpa Long, can you take the liberty to ask, what is the name of that woman in Long Xuan?"

"Listen to Xuan'er to call him Xiaolan." Long Jingyuan took the tissue and wiped a handful of tears. "A low-level and low-income woman, I have never inquired about her background."

"Even the names overlap..." Fang Xinxin murmured softly.

"What?" Long Jingyuan didn't understand for a while.

"My mother's name is Fang Lilan." Fang Xinxin said suddenly.

It is well known that Long Yifan went to Fang's house to be the door-to-door son-in-law. Fang Xinxin's biological mother was Fang Lilan...Long Jingyuan suddenly felt a sense of doubt, Cang Mai's eyes looked at Fang Xinxin in shock and surprise, "Could it be..."

"Grandpa Long." Fang Xinxin said suddenly, "Didn't you say that Bai Jingrou also did a paternity test with you, did you prove that you are grandparents? Guess, what blood type is Bai Jingrou?"

"My dragon family blood is a rare RH negative B blood." Long Jingyuan guessed, "she should also be of this blood type."

"Three or four days ago, you suffered a serious head injury, suffered a severe loss of blood and fell into a coma. You need an emergency blood transfusion." Fang Xinxin stated, "The doctor asked Bai Jingrou. She said that she had blood type O at the time and that her blood type followed her mother. "

"Although it is possible, but the possibility is small..." Long Jingyuan thoughtfully, "Then who gave me blood later?"

"Me." Fang Xinxin pointed to herself.

"It's such a coincidence, you have RH negative blood type B?"

"Yeah." She smiled. "You also said a coincidence. There is even more coincidence, this rare blood type is not stocked in the hospital, but there are three people on the 38th floor of the Jiaya Hospital at the same time."

Looking at her beautiful little face, Long Jingyuan really felt that there was a kind of affection and affection that he wanted to take care of, "I, you, who else is there?"