Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 765

Chapter 765: Xin's Father Long Yifan Is Long Xuan

"My dad...Long Yifan." Fang Xinxin gave him the answer.

Long Jingyuan seemed to understand something, and suddenly bounced from the hospital bed, "So many coincidences, it may not be a coincidence, your father Long Yifan is very likely my son Long Xuan!"

Fang Xinxin nodded slightly, "I am also guessing this possibility."

"Quickly!" Long Jingyuan was shaking with excitement. He couldn't wear shoes after turning over the hospital bed. "I'm going to see Long Yifan, and I'll see you soon!"

"My dad has been lying on the hospital bed for several years, not too long for a few minutes. You put on your shoes first." Fang Xinxin supported his old body, squatted down, and put on his shoes. Then he helped him out of the ward door, "For your convenience, I will arrange him next door to you."

Standing at the door of the next ward, Long Jingyuan suddenly stood still and dared not move.

Fang Xinxin looked at him suspiciously, "What's the matter, Grandpa Long..."

"I'm afraid I'll be disappointed." Long Jingyuan raised his hand and froze in the air, afraid that he opened the door and saw that it was not the son he was thinking about.

"Then I will show you my dad's photo first." Fang Xinxin took out his phone and clicked on one of the photos in the album. In the photo was a vigorous middle-aged man with short hair and a Chinese face. There is a kind of unresolved sorrow between his eyebrows, which makes his expression look sangy. This is a photo from a long time ago.

Long Jingyuan was excited, "He... is he your father?"

"Yes." She nodded.

"This is my son, my Xuan'er!" Long Jingyuan had seen the photos, this time he mustered up his courage and pushed open the door of the ward.

I saw a middle-aged man lying on the hospital bed by the window. Although he was less than 50 years old, his temples were stained with a lot of Huashuang. Perhaps he was in a long-term coma and only relied on nutrient solution to survive. He was skinny and looked thin. Exceptionally weak.

Although the appearance of the man on the hospital bed has changed a lot after more than two decades, Long Jingyuan recognized at a glance that the vegetative man on the hospital bed is his own son Long Xuan!

"Xuan'er, Xuan'er!" Long Jingyuan tremblingly called as he approached the hospital bed and saw his living son, even if he just lay there quietly with his eyes closed, tears were already on his face. For him, as long as his son is alive.

Fang Xinxin pulled a chair and sat down with his support.

Sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, Long Jingyuan stretched out his hand to tightly hold Long Yifan's hand exposed outside the quilt, and said dumbly, "Xuan'er, I'm Dad, Dad is coming to see you! Dad finally found you! "

Fang Xinxin looked at the scene in front of her, and there was also a faint mist of tears in her moist and bright eyes.

It turns out that besides her father, she has a blood relative in the world.

Perhaps after hearing the call of the old father, a tear fell from the corner of Long Yifan's eyes on the hospital bed.

Fang Xinxin was also very excited, and immediately said, "Grandpa Long, look at my father crying, he can hear you talking. You talk to him more. About two years ago, my dad also listened to me once and cried. The doctor said that if he had any emotional reaction, he might wake up!"

Long Jingyuan was so excited that he couldn't get any more excited, and stood up from his chair, "Son, you can hear Dad talking, don't you? Dad missed you, Dad was wrong. Dad shouldn't drive you out of the house, shouldn't you disagree Your marriage. Your eldest brother did not support him in his early years, and your second brother died in a car accident some time ago. Dad now only has a son like you. Dad can't lose you again, absolutely can't!"