Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 769

Chapter 769:

The fact that Long Jingyuan recovered his long-lost son and granddaughter has not yet been made public.

Although Huang Zhishu and Bai Chenxi were members of the Bai family, they did not know.

Half a month later, Long Jingyuan's head injuries were basically healed and he was discharged from the hospital.

And Long Yifan, to be correct, Long Xuan's body has also recovered a lot. He didn't want to live in the hospital every day, so Fang Xinxin took him to the Imperial Court to recuperate.

Long Jingyuan finally reunited with his biological son, and naturally moved to the Imperial Court temporarily.

Regardless of the fact that there are many rooms in the Royal Court, it is not bad to live two more people.

This afternoon, Bai Chenxi and his mother Huang Zhishu came to the Imperial Court to see Bai Qinghao.

Surprisingly, he was successfully taken into the lobby of the main building of the Regalia Villa.

I saw Bai Qinghao sitting on the sofa with an upright posture and a cold complexion. He looked like a king.

Fang Xinxin, who was too beautiful to describe in words, sat beside him.

Bai Chenxi looked at Xinxin's snow-skinned appearance, and an unpleasant sour anger rose in his heart again.

This woman was originally his! I really regret not accepting her feelings.

"Qinghao, you imprisoned Jingrou when Mr. Long was unconscious. It has been so many days now." Huang Zhishu carefully glanced at Bai Qinghao on the sofa and said tentatively, "There is something wrong with her. , Got punished, shouldn't she be released?"

Bai Qinghao's face was expressionless, with a cold smile on the corners of his lips. He took a sip of a lit cigarette with his long fingers, and the curled smoke rings scattered in the living room.

Huang Zhishu could not guess what he meant, and the atmosphere was awkward for a moment.

At this time, Long Jingyuan, who had returned from a walk outside, just walked into the hall.

Huang Zhishu saw him and immediately greeted him with enthusiasm, "Master Long, you came just right. Qinghao suspects that Jingrou is not good for you, and imprisoned Jingrou. This level is eighteen days. Are you all right? Jingrou is a kind child, you help to intercede."

"Yes." Bai Chenxi also said, "Master Long, don't forget that Jingrou is your only relative in the world. Do you have the heart that she is locked up and suffers?"

He and his mother waited for a while, but did not see the Bai family dealing with Jing Rou.

They all believed that it was Long Jingyuan who didn't say that Jingrou wanted to murder him, and the surname Long would not bear to lose his only relative in the world.

Huang Zhishu said again, "Master Long, you come to the Royal Court also to plead for Jingrou."

She and Bai Chenxi didn't know that Long Jingyuan was staying here temporarily.

"Qinghao, then let Bai Jingrou come out and solve this matter." Long Jingyuan said.

Bai Qinghao waved his hand, and the bodyguard standing beside him went to the firewood room of another villa and detained Bai Jingrou.

Bai Jingrou's hands were tied behind her back, and when she entered the hall, she nodded slightly when she saw her mother and brother were also there. Seeing Long Jingyuan standing in the living room with his hand in his hand again, I was very surprised that this bad old man was not dead!

I can't hide the fact that I smashed his head with a vase. She immediately showed a guilty expression on her face, and shouted apologetically, "Grandpa!"

"I'm not your grandfather." Long Jingyuan's wrinkled face was covered with frost.

Jing Rou didn't know that her false identity had been exposed, and thought he was angry that she wanted to murder him.

Thinking about it for so many days, there was no one to deal with this matter. It must be the old man surnamed Long soft-hearted and reluctant to expose her evil deeds.

So she knelt down towards Long Jingyuan with tears streaming down her face, "Grandpa, Jingrou made a confused mistake, please let me go!"