Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 770

Chapter 770:

"Then you are telling me, what wrong did you make?" Long Jingyuan was indifferent to her kneeling.

"I..." Jingrou considered her words, "I was not careful for a while, and the vase in my hand could not be held firmly, and it broke your head."

"A moment of carelessness?" Long Jingyuan's old face showed a sarcasm, "Ask for money and kill, but it is elegant and fresh for you."

Bai Jingrou looked up at him in surprise, "Grandpa, how can you think that? You are my only blood relative in the world, how could I kill you for money?"

"At that time, you smashed the vase on my head. I could clearly feel that fierce and murderous hostility." Long Jingyuan mentioned this and gave Fang Xinxin a grateful look. "If it weren't for Xinxin The girl arrived in time, my old fate has been harmed by you!"

"Grandpa, you really misunderstood!" Bai Jingrou would not admit it, and stared angrily at Fang Xinxin who was sitting on the sofa. "It's you, it must be you who coveted Long's property and deliberately set a trap to harm me."

"Oh? Which trap I set up to harm you?" Fang Xinxin snorted coldly, "You personally injured the head of the old man Long by **** the vase. I forced you to do it?"

"I..." Bai Jingrou couldn't help but admit to hurting people with the vase.

One Long Jingyuan saw with his own eyes, and another, with her fingerprints on the vase.

"Grandpa, anyway, Fang Xinxin has a bad intention. She is not satisfied with only getting 10% of the equity of the Longshi Group." Bai Jingrou said politely, "Don't be fooled by her."

Bai Qinghao was sitting on the sofa holding his wife, listening to Bai Jingrou pushing the crime on his wife, wishing to shoot this bitch!

However, this was the Long Family's business, and he agreed not to interfere, so he remained silent.

When things are over, Bai Jingrou must get rid of this bane!

Unmoved by the words, Long Jingyuan sat on the sofa and a servant offered him a cup of hot tea.

Bai Chenxi and Huang Zhishu stood dry, no one paid any attention.

The hall was quiet for a moment, and Long Jingyuan was sipping tea in no hurry, "Sister Qiu, do you know him?"

Bai Jingrou heard the words, a momentary panic flashed across her face, and looked around the people in the hall pretendingly, "Grandpa, are you asking me?"


"I don't know." Jing Rou shook his head respectfully.

Long Jingyuan waved a gesture, and a servant offered a stack of photos.

The photo shows Bai Jingrou secretly meeting Qiu's wife, and the pictures are linked together, which clearly shows that Bai Jingrou personally gave Qiu's wife a big paper bag. After Bai Jingrou left, Qiu's wife counted the money in the bag. According to the overlap, it should be about 500,000.

Bai Chenxi and Huang Zhishu turned pale when they saw the photo, but they were silent.

"I know you now?" Long Jingyuan asked Cang Mai's tone of anger. "Sister Qiu is the former servant of Fang's villa. Tell me, why did you give her half a million yuan. "

Bai Jingrou didn't expect that the money to Qiu's wife would be secretly photographed! She had a premonition of extreme anxiety in her heart, and she immediately arranged, "That's it, once I was shopping and I was almost hit by a car. It was Qiu's wife who rescued me. I gave her a 500,000 yuan thank you fee."

"Then how did you not recognize me just now?"

"The savior told me about her gratitude. I don't want to destroy her reputation." Jing Rou opened her eyes and said nonsense.

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