Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 772

Chapter 772:

Seeing that righteous indignation filled the eagle's attitude, it was completely an expression of a clear conscience.

In fact, Bai Jingrou knew in her heart that the general situation was gone, so she was only to delay time.

It's best to try to escape while the gap is in the appraisal for a while.

"Since the appraisal has been done, why bother to appraisal." Long Jingyuan disapproved.

At this time, a maid just pushed a middle-aged man in a wheelchair into the hall.

Long Jingyuan pointed to the middle-aged man in the wheelchair, "He, do you know him?"

Bai Jingrou didn't know that Long Yifan had been awake from a vegetative state long ago. After looking at him, she was a little familiar, and couldn't remember it for a while.

Long Yifan teased, "Didn't you say that you are my daughter? You don't even know your dad?"

"..." Bai Jingrou was startled, "You are Long Xuan!"

She had seen Long Xuan's previous photos, and the man in front of her was thinner, indeed the same person.

"My husband, you woke up unexpectedly!" Huang Zhishu pretended to happily greet him, "It's great that you can wake up!"

"Yes, uncle, you wake up, my cousin must be very happy." Bai Chenxi also went to flatter.

"Who is your in-laws and who is your uncle." Long Yifan didn't buy the account of the mother and son, his face was ugly, "Go away!"

The two were embarrassed, their complexions intertwined, and they stood a few steps away.

Long Jingyuan walked to his son Long Xuan's wheelchair and helped him twist the blanket on his lap. "Xuan'er, it's bad father. Before, after Xinxin's wedding, I planned to see you immediately. At that time, I didnt know that Long Yifan was you. Bai Jingrou, a scheming girl, made a noise in front of me on the grounds of my preference for Fang Xinxin, saying that she was jealous and sad, so I was not allowed to see you. I was confused for a while, so I really did I postponed to visit you. Unexpectedly, so many incidents happened."

"Dad, don't blame you." Long Yifan's eyes flashed guilt, "It's his son who is not filial. For so many years, he has not been filial by your side."

"It's also Dad who was wrong back then." Long Jingyuan said, looking sad, "Dad shouldn't have driven you out of the house."

Cang Rui glared at Bai Jingrou again, "My biological son is still alive. You used his hair and Xinxin's hair to do an appraisal with me before, and they are all accurate results. Where else do you need to appraise Bai Jingrou again? You? Want to procrastinate? Or just accept death. You pretended to be my granddaughter of Long Jingyuan, you defrauded me by 10 million, you tried to kill me, and you murdered Qiu Sao and Liang Zhen. Enough for you to shoot a few times. !"

Bai Jingrou finally sat down on the ground with a pale complexion and muttered to herself, "No...I don't want to die!" She crawled over to Long Jingyuan out of control, "Grandpa Long, let me go to our grandparents, please let me go. , You let me go!"

"Let me let you go, then can you let me go?"

"I really didn't want your life..."

"I was seriously injured by your brain. I live in the intensive care unit. Your hypnotist Guo Yi injected me and Long Xuan with injections of euthanasia. All of them were monitored and filmed." Long Jingyuan's eyes are magnificent. Murderous intent flashed in, "If Xinxin hadn't understood your conspiracy in advance, Xuan'er and I would have been dead!"

Dumping a mobile phone in front of Bai Jingrou, the video above is playing the scene of Bai Jingrou hypnotizing doctor Guo Yi, pretending to be a nurse and following behind, attacking Long Jingyuan and Long Xuan.