Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 773

Chapter 773: Abandon The Car

Bai Jingrou glanced at the monitoring screen, "I obviously cut off the hospital's monitoring cable in advance."

"I also sent someone to install hidden pinhole photography." Fang Xinxin told her the answer.

"Then I saw with my own eyes that doctor Guo Yi injected Long Jingyuan and Long Xuan with euthanasia injections, and saw that they died. Why did they not die?"

"Let the prisoners put on human skin masks that mimic the appearance of the two of them, and adjust the two of them. You were nervous at the time. Standing behind Guo Yi, posing as a nurse, you didn't see the looks of the two of them clearly. Those who died were two prisoners. Death row prisoners are willing to cooperate because they are given a family allowance. Anyway, they are going to die, because of you, but let them die comfortably and at ease."

"That's the case." Bai Jingrou suddenly laughed frantically, no longer the demure and gracefulness of the past, "Fang Xinxin, you really have the means, no wonder you can sit in the position of Madam Bai!"

Fang Xinxin smiled sarcastically, "You finally admit that you are thinking about Madam Bai's position."

"Yes. The matter is over, begging for mercy is useless, and I have nothing to hide." Bai Jingrou suddenly looked at Bai Qinghao affectionately, "Cousin, you are so good, you say, can a woman not love you? ?"

There was a little disappointment in the tone, "We have no blood relationship. Although I am in the Bai family, outsiders watch us close at hand, but I have never been able to get close to you. You have always looked down on me. In order to be able to match. You, I was confused for a while, pretending to be the heir of the Long Family..."

The corner of Bai Qinghaos lips lifted a sneer, "You are vain, greedy and wicked, but you will push the cause on me. Is the glory and money given to you by the Bai family not enough? You know that I and Fang Xinxin grew up Engagement, until you get married, is an established and unchangeable fact. No matter how you sell poorly, death is your only end!"

"Cousin..." Bai Jingrou's face panicked. As long as the man has a trace of pity, she can survive. "Cousin, I belong to the Bai family. I can't kill my life just because of the mistakes of the Long family... "

"Your mother has kicked you out of Bai's house." Bai Qinghao told her the truth in a cold voice.

"No..." Bai Jingrou looked at her biological mother in disbelief, "Mom, how can you do this?"

"I'm sorry, Jingrou." Huang Zhishu's face was full of apologetics. "You were imprisoned by Qinghao sent someone. Mom originally wanted to use you to leave the Bai family to exchange your freedom. I didn't expect..."

"Unexpectedly, without the identity of the adopted daughter of the Bai family, my cousin will not show mercy even more." Bai Jingrou's face suddenly showed a sad expression, "I am not your biological daughter after all, but an adopted daughter. No wonder, you Will give up on me in order to keep his position in the Bai family."

"Jingrou..." Huang Zhishu looked distressed, "I always treat you as a daughter..."

In fact, Bai Chenxi and Jingrou are both her biological children. However, this secret must be kept.

This is the end of the matter, and the only way to abandon the car is to protect the handsome and Jingrou.

Bai Jingrou also understood that dragging her brother and mother into the water would not do any good. It is only good for me to save them.

So, I said so deliberately.

Bai Chenxi also reprimanded with an uncomfortable expression, "Sister, you are confused. How can you do this kind of money and death!"