Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 776

Chapter 776:

"Bai Jingrou, you are a demon in Bai's house, and the parents of the white family can bear you." Bai Qinghao narrowed his eyes, the cold male voice is not half the temperature of a human, "You have a murderous heart to Xinxin, I can't tolerate it. Here you are! Come here, drag Bai Jingrou down, blind her, break her bones, paralyze her for life, throw her into a prison and shoot her another day!"

"Yes." The bodyguard standing outside the door immediately buckled Bai Jingrou's arm and dragged it out.

Huang Zhishu's face was earthy in fright, and she shouted in a panic, "No, Qinghao, please go aside..."

Bai Qinghao's sharp eyes shot past, and Zhishu shrank in fright.

Bai Chenxi knew that the gods could not save Bai Jingrou, and helped her mother's crumbling body, "Mom, all this is Jingrou's own responsibility."

"Cousin, how can you be so ruthless..." Bai Jingrou was scared, "Even if you want me to die, give me a shot, give me a good time, why do you want to torture me?"

"Do you know where the maid Jiqing went? The corpse was feeding the fish in the sea. You hypnotized Jiqing to blind Xinxin, and sent Wang Xun to kill Xinxin and paralyze it." A bloodthirsty light flashed in Bai Qinghao's eyes. "Wang Xun has already confessed in jail, and all this is under your orders. It will be cheaper to give it back to you. You still have the face to plead..."

Bai Jingrou's face was as gray as death, but she was not reconciled, "Cousin, I know I was wrong, please, read it when we all come from Bai's house, go away..."

Bai Qinghao's expressionless face gave an order, "Got her mouth and drag it down."

The bodyguard immediately took a piece of white cloth from his pocket and stuffed Bai Jingrou's mouth, dragged her into the yard, with a desperate expression on Jingrou's face.

"Wait a minute." Bai Qinghao's cold voice suddenly came out.

A ray of hope flashed across Jingrou's face, is he willing to go aside?

"Even if Bai Jingrou is paralyzed or blind, she should be guarded strictly. Don't let her escape. Take care of her three times a day and'enter' her! I want her to die in a few days!" Bai Qinghao Sen Han ordered.

"Yes." The bodyguard immediately went to execute the order.

Huang Zhishu fainted with anxious heartache.

Bai Chenxi trembled, and finally endured not interceding for her sister.

With two lines of desperate tears dripping on Bai Jingrou's face, she was taken to a commercial car in the yard by her bodyguard.

"Mother is unwell, I will send her back to the old house." Bai Chenxi helped Huang Zhishu leave the imperial court.

Long Jingyuan and Long Yifan were very satisfied with Bai Qinghao's handling.

You know, if Bai Jingrou's conspiracy succeeds, Xinxin will be paralyzed and blind.

This is something they cannot accept anyway.

"Qinghao, Xinxin will give it to you, I don't worry." Long Jingyuan said, "During this period, I live with your dad Longxuan in the Royal Court. It will be disturbing. We are going to move back to the Long Family Villa."

"Yes." Long Yifan, who is also Long Xuan, said, "I haven't returned to Long's house in too many years. I want to go home."

"Family, I can't talk about disturbing." Bai Qinghao's expression softened slightly, "The Royal Court is Xinxin's home and yours. As long as you want to live here, come here."

"Good, good." Long Jingyuan pushed Long Yifan in the wheelchair, and with the help of the servant, he got into a motorhome in the yard and left. In fact, the main thing is to let the young couple have more time together.

After Fang Xinxin and Bai Qinghao left in the car. She turned her head and looked at his resolute and handsome face, a deep warmth rose in her heart.