Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 777

Chapter 777: Jing Rou Her Father

Bai Qinghao's methods to deal with Bai Jingrou are vigorous and cruel.

If another person is changed, Bai Jingrou, who is also from the Bai family, will definitely not be able to do it.

For example, the parents of white people are intolerable.

Fortunately, the white parents adopted an evasive attitude.

For her, Bai Qinghao really spent his life in love.

When Fang Xinxin thought of being blind and paralyzed in her previous life, she retaliated to Bai Jingrou in this life, and she felt extremely happy.

Bai Qinghao looked at his wife next to her, her eyes clearly showing deep love, his cold heart couldn't help but he moved her tightly, and the cold male voice opened his lips hoarsely. Xinxin, sorry."

"What's wrong?" she asked, "Why do you apologize well?"

"Fortunately, you are fine." He murmured, "If Bai Jingrou's conspiracy succeeds, I can't imagine how much you will suffer and how much heartache you will have."

She stiffened, wasn't she that miserable in her last life.

However, this life has not repeated the same mistakes, it is very good, "I don't know anything else. I only know that no matter what I become, even if I am paralyzed and blind, you will not despise me."

In her previous life, she also gave her life to protect her such a useless person.

"Fool, it's too late for me to hurt you. How can I dislike you?" Bai Qinghao asked himself, since the first sight of her when he was young, loving her has been hopeless.

She nestled deeply in his broad and strong arms, and her whole heart was moved and swelled.


Bai Chenxi helped his mother, Huang Zhishu, walk into the hall in Jingxinju behind the main building of the old house of the Bai family, and waved away all the servants.

Huang Zhishu immediately took out a never-used card from the drawer under the coffee table, dialed a phone call, and made a call, "You save Jingrou, she is our daughter. Bai Qinghao wants to shoot her, and she wants her Tortured before death..."

"It's too late." A middle-aged male voice came from the other end of the phone, "Bai Qinghao's people are working too fast. I got news that Jing Rou's eyes are blind and her legs are amputated. She has only half of her life left hanging. Even if we rescue her, it doesnt make any sense. On the contrary, it will increase our exposure."

"Gosh..." Huang Zhishu cried with her mobile phone, "what to do, what to do?"

"Jingrou didn't bite us out, wasn't it just for us to avenge her?" The male voice over there carried a deep hatred, "We will wait for the opportunity to avenge Jingrou!"

Huang Zhishu hung up, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Bai Chenxi was standing next to her mother and heard the voice on the other end of the phone, naturally knowing that Jing Rou was completely finished, "Mom, don't be sad."

"How can you not be sad?" Huang Zhishu cried and hugged her son tightly, "Jingrou is your sister, your sister with the same father and mother!"

"So, just as my father said, I will definitely avenge her." Bai Chenxi gritted his teeth with hatred.

Huang Zhishu wiped away her tears, "Your sister is so shrewd, Chenxi, you must not be impulsive."

"My sister's conspiracy has just been exposed, the people of the Bai family will definitely watch me." Bai Chenxi looked at me slightly, "I can't do anything now. To deal with Bai Qinghao, we still rely on the force behind his father. ."

"Try not to mention your dad in the future. If the forces behind him know our relationship with your dad, that's it."

"Got it." Bai Chenxi was actually stern. Anyone with a head will not lift a rock and hit himself in the foot.

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