Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Take You On A Date 3

Fang Xinxin asked casually, "Then who is he suitable for?"

"Of course..." Fang Lilan just wanted to reply and looked suspiciously at her, "Xinxin, why are you talking so much today?"

Fang Xinxins mobile phone is in her pocket, and the video is still connected. The camera on the corner of the mobile phone reveals her pocket and can also take a partial picture.

"I haven't chatted with you for a long time, don't I want to have affection with you."

Fang Lilan didn't doubt what she said.

Because the usual Fang Xinxin has always been filial and obedient, and often courtesy to please her.

"Xinxin, if you are really an obedient and filial daughter, go to Bai Chenxi's appointment and develop relationships with him." Fang Lilan said with a sincere expression, "Listening to my mother, Bai Qinghao is really not suitable You. Your best attribution is definitely Bai Chenxi."

"I said I don't like Bai Chenxi, don't go on a date with him." Fang Xinxin seemed a little angry, "If you want to go on a date, go by yourself!"

Fang Lilan scowled, "How do you say this kid? How could mom be able to make an appointment with him at an age."

"Let me get off!"

"What car to get off? It will be here soon." Fang Lilan locked the central control, Fang Xinxin couldn't open the door or jump off the car.

After the car drove for another five minutes, Fang Lilan parked the car in front of the Ya Yue Caf, "Here you are. You can get off now!"

"No less."

"I'm here, I'm asking you to see him, go quickly!" Fang Lilan urged.

Fang Xinxin sat still in the car.

At this time, Bai Chenxi looked out of the floor-to-ceiling glass wall along the street in the coffee shop and saw Fang Lilan's mother and daughter in the car. He walked out, pretending to be a little excited, and said, "Xinxin, you are here!"

"I didn't come to see you, my mother forcibly brought me here!"

"Okay, I know you are shy." Bai Chenxi looked at Fang Xinxin's acne-prone face, feeling nauseous in her heart, but her eyes were still very gentle, "You are willing to come, it means you still have me in your heart."


"Xinxin..." Bai Chenxi raised the handle of the car door.

Fang Lilan unlocked the central control at this time and asked him to open the door smoothly.

Fang Xinxin looked at Bai Chenxi's move of pulling her own hand, her eyes cold, "Don't touch me with your dirty hands!"

Bai Chenxi's expression froze, "I was wrong before, and I didn't protect you. I didn't expect that Bai Qinghao would force you to be in the hospital."

"I'm a mother who is very sad when such an unfortunate incident happened. I didn't expect Commander Bai to be such a person!" Fang Lilan looked at her daughter sadly, "Daughter, don't worry, Chen Xi told me, he Don't mind if you lose your body to Bai Qinghao!"

Fang Xinxin snorted coldly, "What the **** is Bai Chenxi? Does he mind, it's my shit!"

"Girls don't speak so rudely." Fang Lilan frowned.

"Mom, stop talking nonsense and drive!" Fang Xinxin became impatient.

Fang Lilan still has a back move. How can she do as she wishes, "I will let you get out of the car now. The car is my personal property. If I don't let you sit, you are not qualified to sit!"

"Good, I don't bother to lean on your car." Fang Xinxin stepped out of the car and looked back, "From now on, if your car asks me to sit, I won't take it again!"

"Fang Xinxin, I'm your mother. It's always been you who begged me, and I'll pick you up in two hours!" Fang Lilan said, and drove away in the car.