Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 780

Chapter 780:

"I'm not talking about your wife and sister Fang Liyin. It's your wife Fang Lilan..." Fang Xinxin interrupted as soon as the reporter was about to say something, "Excuse me, I can't talk about it."

Long Xuan became nervous, "Mr. reporter, what happened to my wife Fang Lilan just now?"

After hearing what Fang Xinxin said, the reporter knew that Fang Lilan was dead, and the Long family might have kept it from Long Xuan. He was silent for a while and did not speak.

"Sorry, everyone." Long Jingyuan who was present also said quickly, "This is the end of today's press conference."

Fang Xinxin hurriedly pushed Long Xuan's wheelchair to outside the conference site.

Long Jingyuan also hurriedly followed.

The three came to the rest room in the president's office on the 30th floor of Longshi Group.

The suite connected to the office is a one-bedroom single apartment.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Long Xuan looked down at the tall buildings in the city through the falling glass window in the living room, "You all know that Lilan is dead, right?"

It's a positive tone.

"Dad..." Fang Xinxin walked to his wheelchair and stood still, "I didn't deliberately hide it from you. You were in poor health before, and I was afraid you could not stand the blow."

In a word, it is equivalent to the news of Fang Lilan's death.

Long Xuan's thin face seemed to be ten years old suddenly, tears rolled down his cheeks, "Lilan is dead, she is really dead..."

Endless grief emerged in his deep piercing eyes, and there seemed to be a deadly sorrow in him.

"Dad." Fang Xinxin squatted down at his feet, burying her head on his lap, "Mom and she really are no longer there. You must live well. The daughter has lost her mother and cannot lose you again!"

A deep guilt rose in Long Xuan's eyes, "For so many years, Dad didn't take care of you." Seeing his daughter's sad little face, his eyes were full of love and silence, as if there was hope of living again." Xinxin, don't worry, even if Dad is sad, he won't miss it."

His expression was a bit uncomfortable, "Daughter, do you know. In fact, Fang Liyin has pretended to be your mother for many years, and I have found some clues several times, but self-evasion. Sometimes even hypnotizing herself, she is Lilan. Because I have a hunch that your mother may not be there anymore. Adding to the fact that Liyin does know some things, only Lilan and I know things, I regret that I didnt study it earlier."

"What a **** I am, I can't even tell that my wife is a fake." He looked at his elderly father Long Jingyuan again, "Dad, my son has too many shortcomings. For more than 20 years. Actually, I have visited you several times before. You found me in the newspaper. I saw it and went back to Longs house. Its just that you were not at home at the time, but your second brother, Long Guodong, was at home. The second brother asked me to Never come back, so as not to affect him to inherit the Long Family alone. In order not to fight with the second brother, I only dare to look at you in secret."

Long Jingyuan's old face was full of touch, "Xuan'er, dad didn't know that Guodong did such a thing when he was alive. It's not that you are not filial, but that dad didn't teach your brother well."

"Lilan is a good woman." Long Xuan said emotionally, "Xin Xin told me that you have misunderstood Lilan's character and thought she was fond of Long Family's property. In fact, Lilan was alive. I really dont care about my identity as the third youngest of the Long Family. I left the Long Family and she still loves me. She even said at the beginning that since my second brother wants to inherit the Long Family alone, then give the second brother the inheritance of the Long Family. She only confessed that I must stare at my second brother and honor you. After all, Lilan and I cannot be filial by your side."