Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 781

Chapter 781:

When Long Jingyuan heard this, guilt flashed on his wrinkled face, "I knew that, I shouldn't have prevented you from being with Fang Lilan. In this case, maybe your family won't have to suffer so much in the future."

Long Xuan shook his head, "Dad, you have your position. At best, the son is wrong. Knowing that the daughter-in-law you like must be right, but he prefers to fall in love with Lilan. Everyone has everyone's life, no one I dont know what will happen in the future."

"Son, you are really grown up and sensible." Long Jingyuan didn't expect his own son to blame him, and tears burst into tears.

"Dad, not only have I grown up, but I'm also getting old." Long Xuan smiled bitterly. He is almost fifty years old.

"In the heart of the old father, you will always be a child." Long Jingyuan looked at Long Xuan's eyes with love.

Afterwards, Fang Xinxin and Long Jingyuan accompanied Long Xuan to the suburban cemetery.

Long Xuan stayed in front of Fang Lilan's tomb for an afternoon, silent, his eyes sad, a kind of grief of no love.

Fang Xinxin and Long Jingyuan have been with him worryingly.

"Originally, I thought that when I get better and can walk on the ground, I will find you." Long Xuan murmured.

Fang Xinxin was shocked, "Dad, you promised me that you won't miss it."

"I thought your mother was missing before, so I went to find her." He sighed and touched his wife's tombstone. "Lilan, I'm sorry for my father, sorry for you, sorry for our daughter all my life. Now, you are below, and I too I cant go with you right away. Dont worry, I wont marry again. Ill look at our daughter, take your share, and love her."

"Dad..." Fang Xinxin heard the words and moved behind Long Xuan.

The three did not return to the Long Family Villa until dark.

Fang Xinxin has been with her father and grandfather in the Long Family Villa these days, and even Bai Qinghao also temporarily lives in the Long Family.

Many people in the outside world are surprised at the identity of Fang Xinxin's grandchildren and heirs.

Although the Long Group is inferior to the Bai family's prestige status, plus Shang Shang Xin Xin is not only the heir of the Long family, but also the chairman of the Sun Consortium.

Fang Xinxin's original marriage to Gao Panbai's family instantly became a match, and was praised by outsiders.

A few days later, Fang Xinxin was going to the China World Trade Center to visit the mall. The driver Tong Yu fell ill, and Li Bingpan volunteered to go up.

A BMW off-road vehicle drove out of Long's backyard.

Li Bingpan is concentrating on driving.

Fang Xinxin was wearing a trendy pink hat, sitting in the back seat and looking at Li Bingpan, the driver and bodyguard in the cab.

At the beginning, he was bribed by his second sister Fang Manxue, this line is still not being reused by his side, guarding him for more than two years.

This kind of person who has been bought out once will surely be bought again, and finally can't help being sent out!

When the car drove five hundred meters from the Long Family Villa, Fang Xinxin said suddenly, "Pull over. Go to the convenience store next to me and buy me a pack of wet wipes."

"Yes." Li Bingpan didn't doubt that he had it, and immediately got out of the car to do it.

When he bought the wet wipes and turned back, he opened the back seat door and handed her wet wipes.

The brim of her big hat was slanted to the side where he was standing, so that he could not see his face.

Since Fang Xinxin was clearly seen getting in the car at Longzhai, he didn't doubt that he had it.

Li Bing climbed back to the driving seat and continued driving, took out the lighter, and lit a cigarette.

Originally, as a driver, I could not smoke while driving. Big deal, when she scolded him, he squeezed the smoke out again.