Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 787

Chapter 787:

Fang Xinxin could not swim in her previous life. Fortunately, after being reborn, she learned to swim.

Learn what you dont, in case you need it.

Naturally, I also learned first aid for drowning people.

But now he is not on the shore. He is floating in the sea wearing only one life jacket. She does not have a life jacket. She can only climb on him to avoid sinking to the bottom.

Looking in all directions, no matter which direction you look from, it is an endless sea, and you don't know where the shore is.

She separated her legs and clamped his waist to avoid sinking. With one hand, she straightened Bai Qinghao's head soaked on the water, and with the other hand, she pressed against his abdomen with a special function. Repeated this several times, several waves of sea water came out of his mouth. .

He coughed and choked a few times, and finally became sober from drowning.

"Wife..." He opened his eyes pale, but he didn't expect to see her again, his cold eyes were full of surprises.

"Bai Qinghao..." The moment he saw his eyes opened, she had an urge to cry, "You have to stick to it."

He looked down at the only life jacket on himself, and she was climbing on him before she sank.

Streams of blood came out of his chest where he was shot, and stained the blue water.

A group of small fishes have been attracted by the blood to swim over.

A ray of anxiety flashed in his dark eyes, and he reached out to pull his life jacket to give her, "You... wear a life jacket, hurry up and leave me a little further... Otherwise, if the blood attracts the shark, it's over... "

"I wore a life jacket, and then saw you sink into the bottom of the sea with serious injuries, can't you even find the body?" She asked back.

"..." He was silent for a second, and his face was pale, "I am so badly injured... I can't survive."

"Anything else to say?" She was carrying the medicine box slantingly, but the box was hanging behind her, trying to adjust the strap and pulling the box forward.

"I have made a will in advance... If I die, you will inherit all the company under my name, all movable property, real estate, stocks...all property." He confessed his last words.

She was overwhelmed with emotion, tears in her eyes, "Then, I take your money and go to sleep with another man, right?"

"No!" A domineering gleam flashed across his pale face, "You are mine, whoever dares to touch you, I won't let him become a ghost!"

"You can manage so much when you die!" In a few words, she finally pulled the medicine box to her chest.

"I..." He looked at her beautiful little face, his lacquered eyes filled with deep love. He just didn't want to hurt her anymore.

Fang Xinxin didnt know what he was thinking. She was climbing his breaststroke with her legs in the sea, keeping the two of them standing and floating on the surface, straightening his head with both hands, looking at his eyes with moist eyes, "White Qinghao, listen, I'm not joking with you anymore. I don't want your property, and I won't be with other men. If you die, I will never live alone."

After he listened, his severely injured chest was so numb that he was deeply moved, and it seemed that even the injury was not so painful.

"If I would abandon you, then I did that before I surfaced just now." She kissed his pale and bloodless lips, "Now, you have to cooperate with me, and we have to save ourselves. You. Never have any thoughts that hurt me again!"

Bai Qinghao's sharp pupils were stained with an impossible mist, and his heart was deeply shocked.