Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 791

Chapter 791:

Fang Xinxin saw his thoughts and said firmly, "I will not let you die. I said, if you die, I will be buried!"

Bai Qinghao's chest was moved by the first floor, with a faint mist of tears in his eyes.

However, surgery in seawater is bound to die.

However, no matter what she wanted to do, even if she made fun of his life, he supported it.

At this moment, he was too weak to speak.

Fang Xinxin also knew that his life was dying, but he tried to ignore it. Because, the more she thought about it, she was afraid that she would collapse.

She supported his waist with one hand and opened the lid of the medicine box floating on the sea.

First take out the shark meat, which is about five catties, and place it on the open lid.

The medicine in the medicine box is quite complete, there is also a bottle of alcohol and a pack of cotton wool.

She washed the scalpel in sea water first, put the scalpel in a corner of the medicine box, unscrewed the lid of the alcohol box with one hand, and poured a little alcohol to rinse the blade.

This knife has cut shark meat and must be disinfected properly.

Wipe the blade several times with alcohol cotton.

Open the cap of the hemostatic medicine bottle for use.

"Originally, I wanted to give you surgery a long time ago." She took advantage of the preparations before the operation and talked to him, "However, the sea surface was too waved before, and a wave came over, not to mention the operation. I opened the medicine box and the contents Probably it will be swept away by the waves. I can only wait for the wind to calm down, for example now."

"Yeah." There was an unnoticeable voice in his throat.

"This medicine box is a baby. I didn't forget to take it when I jumped from the machine, just to heal your injury." She tried to speak lightly.

he knows. Unfortunately, he was too weak to speak.

"When you killed the cannibal shark, you found it too. Those two knives are more powerful than ordinary people. And the two suit jackets on our body that stick to the shark's mouth." She laughed and said, "I will be special Features."

Although she spoke with a smile, in her eyes, except for the endless worry about him, there was no slight smile.

His eyes flashed with surprise, but it was also clear.

The preparations for the operation continued. Fang Xinxin took off Bai Qinghao's shirt and put it on her shoulders, supporting Bai Qinghao with her hands, turning him into a position lying on her back with sea water.

She closed her eyes, focused on her, and stared at Bai Qinghao.

Bai Qinghao was surprised to find that his body rose slowly from the sea level, and his body floated ten centimeters above the sea.

Just floating in the air.

God, her supernatural powers are amazing! What a treasure she is!

He always thought that his wife was a dodder, and he could only rely on him for protection.

It turns out that she is very strong and capable, and can protect him.

Although, with his domineering and awe-inspiring disposition, he didn't need a woman to protect him, but the other party was her, and her dedication to protect him still made him extremely moved.

Fang Xinxin was afraid of being distracted and stopped talking.

She wiped the skin around his gunshot wound with alcohol cotton.

The wound has been soaked in seawater and turned white. She climbed his body and looked at the muzzle in his chest.

Fortunately, it missed the heart.

Cut open the wound and saw the bullet embedded in the flesh.

Although she didn't have a camera clip, she determined the depth and direction of the bullet, and her eyes were dazzling when she used the special function. The bullet embedded in his chest volleyed out of his body from the wound and fell into the sea.

At the same time, she took out the hemostatic medicine with the cap opened in advance from the medicine box, poured it into his wound, and the wound that had spewed out instantly stopped the bleeding.

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