Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 792

Chapter 792:

I have to say that Bai Qinghao is too rich, and the medicines prepared for him are of excellent quality.

After thinking about it, she saw the rotten flesh around the gunshot wound. She cut off the rotten flesh with a scalpel to prevent it from decaying to a wider area. She also applied hemostatic medicine.

After he stopped the bleeding, she applied knife sore medicine to him again.

She heard him say that this medicine is very effective for knife wounds and gunshot wounds.

After applying the medicine, she took out a palm-sized waterproof bandage from the medicine box and applied it to his gunshot wound.

She carefully applied the waterproof bandage to his skin and made sure that even after the water entered, it would not make the wound wet, she was relieved.

The entire operation takes only ten minutes. Bai Qinghao endured the severe pain of the wound, his thick black eyebrows were deeply furrowed, never saying a word.

Surgery without anesthetic, I dont know how painful it is. Fang Xinxin had to admire his super endurance.

Bai Qinghao had already lost too much blood before, and at least more than 100 milliliters of blood was lost during the operation, which is really worse.

Fortunately, the operation is complete.

She has consumed too much supernatural powers and thoughts, and she can't hold on.

The mental strength suddenly loosened, and Bai Qinghao's body plunged into the sea from a suspended position about ten centimeters above the sea.

Bai Qinghao still had a slight sense of consciousness, and looked at her pale complexion with some distracted eyes, his eyes were full of distress.

He thought that he would die if he was immersed in the seawater during the operation, but he did not expect that she would use the supernatural power to operate on him in the air.

His life was temporarily saved, but it was clear that she had consumed too much effort and was gaunt.

The medicine box was still useful. Fang Xinxin quickly packed the medicine box and used a scalpel to cut a few thin shark meat into his mouth to replenish his strength.

Think of it as sashimi, but there is no seasoning.

So fishy, so terrible!

No way, too hungry. In order to survive, she still swallowed the fillets.

He cut a few more pieces and came to Bai Qinghao's mouth.

"Husband, you must have something to eat!" Fang Xinxin looked at his pale face and said with a heartache.

Bai Qinghao heard the words, enduring the dryness and nausea in his throat, and ate the shark flakes she fed into her mouth.

She put the scalpel, the remaining shark meat and other things back into the medicine box and closed the lid.

Bai Qinghao is very heavy, supporting him very hard.

Fang Xinxin took off the only life jacket on her body and put it back on him.

"You... are wearing..." He said weakly, with a weak tone, as if only his lips moved.

"You dress, I want to save effort while climbing you." She insisted.

When the life jacket was put back on him, he closed his eyes.

Fang Xinxin probed his snort anxiously, and found that he was still angry, but fainted, a little relieved.

The supernatural function was over-consuming, and she was about to lose strength.

Need a rest urgently.

However, she had to hold his head, not to let his unconscious head fall into the sea.

Glancing at the medicine box floating in the sea, she placed the medicine box under his right face and let his head rest on the surface of the box.

Since he is wearing a life jacket and his head is resting on the medicine box, the life jacket is very buoyant and will not sink.

His face will not fall into the water.

She took off the long strap of the medicine box that was slanted back and tied it tightly around him to prevent his head from separating from the medicine box.

He has settled down, and now she is alone.

There was also a shirt that he took off. The wet clothes were heavy and tired. She felt that the thin shirt was useful, so she kept it on her shoulders.