Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 793

Chapter 793:

Unfold the shirt and stretch the two sleeves apart. They are quite long, and are tied tightly around him and her body.

The two were tied together so as not to be washed away by sudden waves.

After tying it up, she adjusted her posture with difficulty, wrapped her arms around him, resting her head on his shoulders.

She is too tired, too tired.

The exhausted physical strength can't hold her heavy eyelids.

She can't fall asleep!

Bai Qinghao was already in a coma, although his head was leaning against the floating medicine box, theoretically he would not dive into the sea.

However, in case she fell asleep, he moved a bit and turned his head into sea water, and the angle of the medicine box would drown in drowsiness!

There is also the possibility of herself drowning in the water after falling asleep.

So, she squeezed her thigh, using the pain to keep her consciousness awake.

Now I can't control where the sea rushes her and him.

There is no strength to change direction.

I don't know how long it has been floating along the water. Sure enough, under the rippling waves, Bai Qinghao's head and the medicine box adjusted the direction, turning into the opposite angle of his face down in the sea and the medicine box floating on it.

If not found in time, he would really drown in a lethargy!

Fang Xinxin raised his hand strenuously, then pulled his head up, and changed the medicine box to cushion it under his head.

Anyway, it is floating in the water by buoyancy.

She tries not to do things that consume physical strength.

Just keep the two heads on the water.

With strong willpower, she just doesn't sleep.

The sun sank unconsciously, and the entire endless sea fell into dead silence.

The darkened sea surface can only be seen by the bright moonlight on the sea surface, and half of the shadows nearby can be seen.

Sometimes the sea is calm and the waves are surging.

It's at least two or three o'clock in the middle of the night. Did not drink any water.

She really wants to drink water.

I was so thirsty that there was smoke in my throat

Seeing Bai Qinghao's dry lips in a coma, he must be very thirsty.

She really wants to drink sea water.

However, reason tells her that sea water must not be drunk, otherwise, the extremely salty sea water will make the body need to consume more water to dissolve the salt, which will make the body dehydrated faster.

But she can't make a little fresh water either.

Looked at the dark sky.

I want to ask God, when will it rain?

In the sea, its good to drink a little rain.

Looking at the stars in the night sky, it is estimated that God is not planning to rain for the time being.


I hope you have better luck, and it is also good to be able to meet a floating bottle of mineral water.

The helicopter I took before exploded, but there were many boxes of mineral water on board.

Alas, it is estimated that even the water bottles are blown up badly, and there is no scum left.

Fang Xinxin looked at Bai Qinghao's dry lips distressedly.

He was seriously injured and was also a patient, and his body consumed water faster than ordinary people.

If this continues, he will die of thirst.

She must conjure a little fresh water.

However, she discovered a bad thing.

He has a fever!

She backed away, raised her hand to touch his forehead, it was hot!

It is estimated to be forty degrees.

If you continue to burn like this, your brain will burn out, and it will cause other complications, so you must cool down.