Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 794

Chapter 794: Drink Blood

Fortunately, there is anti-fever medicine in the medicine box.

She held his head with one hand, opened the medicine box with the other, and took two antipyretics from a small bottle inside.

After closing the lid of the box, let him lean his head on the floating box and put two antipyretics into his mouth.

Without water, the medicine in his mouth can't be swallowed.

Fang Xinxin was sad.

His mouth is so dry, even if a bit of saliva makes him swallow the medicine.

Not to mention her disgusting, in the face of survival, all the behaviors that can live are correct.

She crossed the mouth of the crossbow, and sadly found that her thirsty throat didn't even have extra saliva.

He must be swallowed!

Fang Xinxin was forced to helplessly, straightened his head with one hand, reopened the medicine box with the other, and took out the scalpel inside.

Heartbroken, she made a cut on the back of her hand to avoid the artery.

Throwing the knife into the medicine box, quickly put the back of his **** hand into his mouth and let him drink her blood.

He was so thirsty, he instinctively sucked the liquid poured into his mouth while he was sleeping.

As he swallowed, the medicine in his mouth was swallowed.

The wound she made was not deep, and soon he couldn't breathe anymore. She took her hand away, found a waterproof band-aid from the medicine box, and applied the wound.

In this way, the sea water will not soak her knife wound.

Looking at the medicine in the medicine box in a daze, a transparent glass bottle was filled with alcohol.

She stared at Venus and was so thirsty that she wanted to drink all her alcohol as water.

Reason tells her that she must not drink alcohol, it will cause poisoning and blindness.


Where can I change some water?

Raising Bai Qinghao's left wrist and checking the time, it was more than four o'clock in the morning.

The night sky is still dark, but the stars are nowhere to be seen.

At this time, the night was cold.

There was some mist on the sea. An educated woman suddenly realized that when the mist is cold, it will condense into drops of water.


She figured out a way to get some fresh water.

You need a bottle and a knife.

The scalpel is readily available. bottle

There are three bottles in the medicine box, one of which is the largest alcohol glass bottle. Bai Qinghao's gunshot wound needs to be changed. The alcohol in it can disinfect his wound when changing the dressing, and it is also useful.

Keep it.

He glanced at the other two medicine bottles in the medicine box. One bottle was antipyretic and the other was knife wound medicine.

No one is missing.

I saw a packet of capsules of unknown ingredients in a corner of the medicine box.

She dumped the anti-fever pills into the small bag containing the capsules, so that an empty medicine bottle was freed up.

I touched my head, and there was a thin black iron hairpin one millimeter wide and five centimeters long between the hair.

She first inserted the scalpel into the empty medicine bottle, and clamped the handle of the knife with a thin hairpin, and the two ends of the hairpin were against the mouth of the medicine bottle, so that the whole scalpel stood in the bottle.

Close the medicine box, let Bai Qinghao's head rest on the medicine box, she also put the medicine bottle with the scalpel on the side of his head.

The darkness before dawn is extremely cold to the early morning, and the fog on the sea is particularly heavy.

When the mist met the cold scalpel, it condensed into small drops of water and slid into the medicine bottle along the handle of the knife.

Are there any other cold metal things like iron and steel?

It can also condense a little water.

Bai Qinghao's watch!

His watch chain is made of gold steel.

There is no more bottle to hold the watch.

She didn't dare to pour the powder for his gunshot wound from the bottle for fear of contaminating the powder.